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How can I modify child support agreement after moving out of state?

Q: I am a non custodial parent who recently moved to Texas from NYC. I have a child support agreement (made in Bronx Supreme Court as part of divorce) with my ex for 860 (I pay her directly instead of paying the court). I wanted my divorce papers, so me and her agreed to this amount even though I was an unemployed full time student using the GI Bill and getting a monthly allowance under the program (mistake). After graduating, I worked in NY. Me and her agreed that I would pay her a lower support amount than the original agreement. (I was making less than my GI allowance and followed the 17% rule). I got a new job in Texas and just moved here 2 weeks ago. We a have been discussing the new amount based on my new income (still following 17%). She also wants me to pay half of child care costs (60/week. She says that she pays her boyfriends mom to watch my daughter while she works part time). Not even sure how to prove that as she could claim any price she wanted. We’re trying to draft a notarized agreement between each other to compensate for the difference from the original agreement. I never hired a lawyer. I am just trying to make sure I don’t get screwed now or in the future.

A: If you’re both in agreement with the numbers, then a settlement agreement can be drawn up (should be done by an attorney to make sure it’s done correctly). That said, for it to be binding, the agreement would need to be signed-off upon by the Support Magistrate. Call a Bronx Child Support attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

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