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Foster Care, Adoption & Loss Of Parental Rights

The Privileges Of Parenting

In its efforts to act in the best interests of a child, New York Family Court will at times remove a child from its parents. There are five legal grounds to establish a termination of parental rights (TPC):

A TPC sets the groundwork for another party to adopt the child permanently and serve as its legal guardian.

If you are subject to a TPC, it is important to find a knowledgeable lawyer immediately. There are options and means to protect your parental rights. Moreover, an attorney can ensure you receive fair treatment at trial and that your side of the story is related in court.

Serving in White Plains and the Bronx, the Law Offices of David Bliven has assisted parents in such circumstances for over 20 years. Our firm is seasoned in these matters and stands ready to build a staunch defense.

Foster Care And Parents’ Rights

The passage of the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) in the late 1990s made it more difficult for parents to retain rights to raise their children once they have entered foster care. Rather, courts are apt to lean toward permanency planning — that is, placing children in the permanent care of adoptive parents, rather than with their biological parents.

Our firm is skilled at asserting the rights of parents whose children face permanency. We work hard to arrange favorable visitation schedules for families, and guide clients through the legal processes necessary to facilitate the reunification of a child with his or her parents, and prevent a child from reentering the foster care system — and staying there permanently.

Adoption — A Means To Strengthen Your Relationship

Adoption is an important tool for individuals seeking to create lasting — and legal — bonds with a child. The Law Offices of David Bliven is able to assist in all manner of adoption considerations, including stepparent adoption, same-sex adoption and adoption of children from foster care.

Keep Hold Of Your Most Important Relationships

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