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What can I do, if I feel that my girlfriend's ex husband is telling lies about me in court, when this has nothing to do with me?

Q: Child custody case is happening between my girlfriend and her ex husband, who in fact is nothing to those kids. Anyways, he had called CPS and it was unfounded. In the CPS case it was mentioned that I smoke weed and offered it to one of the kids. Now I just read the paper his lawyer had written to the courts where he stated I am a current or former drug addict. I had taken a drug test for CPS cause there was nothing to hide, but now this is going to far that he is now telling lies in court and mentioning me with these statements and getting kids involved with these lies as well. What can I do or should I do?

If my husband and I are separated and I purchase property, is he entitled to ownership / equity?

Q: My husband and I are separated (Child Support order only). If I purchase property, is he entitled to any type of ownership/equity since we are not divorced?

Can my ex become the non custodial parent if I am now making more money and have 50/50 custody in NYS?

Q: My ex-husband just petitioned to dismiss his weekly obligation and receive child support since he learned that I now make more than him. When our original child support order was decided in 2014, I was making $42,000 and he was making $55,000. I now have a better paying job and is making $11,000 more than him. Can my increase in income cause me to pay him child support? We have a true 50/50 custody schedule and I'm worried that I will no longer receive child support and pay him instead! Can this really happen?

I need to file support for my my ex already pays for his other child so how muc support am I entitled to for my child in ny

Q: I want to file for support but my x already is supporting his other child

Family Court ordered to exchange financial affidavit within 10 days. My ex never sent me his affidavit?

Q: At family court two weeks ago, the judge ordered my ex and I to exchange financial information within 10 days. I filed to increase child support. My ex never sent me his information. Do I need to file a violation petition with the court? Also, why does the court order for us to send each other the information instead of exchanging the information at the hearing?

Can buying a new house and car be a reason to increase child support in nys?

Q: My ex and I share joint custody of our two kids. We alternate each week and have the same salary (we are both teachers in the same school district). when my ex and i separated, my income was slightly higher then and was ordered to pay my ex child support. Now that we have similar incomes, my ex is fighting my petition to dismiss my child support. My ex also bought a new home and car and is now claiming that she needs more money since she the car and new home are more than her last house and car. Can buying a new house and car be a reason to deny my petition and increase child support?

Can a Child Support Order be contested after 30 days?

Q: My ex filed a violation support petition but did not include copies of the extra curricular and health insurance premiums she claims is still owed. At the hearing, the judge instructed my ex to provide copies of the forms within a certain time frame but she never did. I received the order and the judge found that I am still responsible despite never receiving the copies. Is it possible to dispute the order a few months after the hearing and receiving the order?

Can I put my mother on child support if she emancipates me?

Q: My current situation involves my mother. I am 17 years old and recently we had an argument which led to her saying that she will emancipate me. However, this was very unexpected and I don't have a job. I really don't know what to do and I need help.

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