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Law Offices Of David Bliven
Law Offices Of David Bliven
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Client Testimonials

“I would think as a matter of fact and law and experience and ethics you are top notch”– Zachary

“Very good”– Slobodan

“Good, but pricey”– Michael

“BEST ATTORNEY for high-conflict divorce / domestic violence / post-judgment – As a state-certified domestic violence advocate, I cannot stress the importance of choosing an excellent attorney. For all of you out there who know that you’re dealing with a difficult ex, you absolutely need a lawyer like David Bliven as your ally.

David is hands down one of the best lawyers I’ve dealt with in my own high-conflict divorce and post-judgment nightmare now entering its seventh year in the legal system. He came highly recommended from a trusted lawyer and friend, who said he was the best for dealing with difficult situations like mine, involving an ex set on destruction at all costs.

David has an encyclopedic mind for the law, and this, combined with his talent for remaining calm when dealing with antagonistic people in court, is a tremendous benefit. He knows not to “take the bait” and to remain always respectful, rather than engage in mindless battle, a common technique used by less professional attorneys trying to run up their own bills.

David’s professional attitude is impressive not only to a judge, but his no-nonsense manner also saves his clients money. He is extremely organized and responsive, as is his staff. His documentation is impeccable, and his paralegals always make sure to follow-up with any questions I might have promptly.

I would highly recommend David Bliven to anyone in need of a top attorney with integrity, and especially one who specializes in handling difficult people.”– Lisa

“Thank you! – From the first appointment until the end, Mr. Bliven provided not only sound advice, but kept me informed through the entire process. He always provided options in resolution, clarity on the legal process, and gave suggestions in those moments where I found myself overwhelmed. In addition, he was willing to work with me in payment options when my financial circumstances changed. It’s never a good idea to traverse divorce alone and uninformed. I highly recommend Mr. Bliven!”– Julio

“Outstanding Representation – Mr. Bliven was always very kind and empathetic while at the same time balancing those qualities with a sense of seriousness and a businesslike approach to the divorce process. He always provided clear truthful information. And he was always accessible to answer questions and follow up on anything needed. He also provided regular updates as the process took its course.”– David

“I was looking for a good lawyer – I did my research before obtaining service with Mr.Bliven. He has been in the business many years and I knew he would represent me very well in my divorce case. He is very professional, attentive to detail and committed. His staff worked well with me and were very helpful to ever time I had questions. I truly felt very confident working with Mr.Bliven that things were going to be in my favor. I was very satisfied with my settlement. I definitely would recommend this law firm to anyone.”– Robert

“Honest lawyer – David is very knowledgeable and professional. He is a lawyer that will get the best for you out of the case. He let’s you know of every step that is going on in your case. He is a truly professional. I would recommend him to everyone.”– Cheidy

“David is a great lawyer – Amazing lawyer, he is easy to understand and always explain every detail. He makes me feel very conform every time. Thank you David”– Edward

“Excellent lawyer – David Bliven is an excellent lawyer. His professionalism and ethic are phenomenal. Would recommend him to anyone.”– Maria

“Great lawyer – David is an amazing lawyer, very professional.
He always listened to my concern and by talking to him you know that you are taking with a very professional lawyer that knows what he is doing. His staff is also great and very nice people.”– Oscar

“Very good lawyer highly recommended – hired David Bliven for a case and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend David because of his attention to detail and professionalism and value is not easy to find in this day and age.”– A Satisfied Client

“Excellent Lawyer! – Thank you so much David for all your help. David is a great lawyer that really cares about what is best for his client. He takes the time to listen to you and always answers all my questions. He is a person that will fight for you, that cares that you get what is best for you. I wished I had met you before for my divorce. I didn’t have a good experience with my divorce lawyer but with David everything was a huge difference. I wouldn’t hesitate to always call him in case that I would need him in the future. Thank you for your hard work!”– Raquel

“True Excellence – I worked with Mr. Bliven throughout a divorce and I could not be happier with the end results. Mr. Bliven was insightful and was readily available if I had any questions. He and his staff always kept me in the loop throughout every process. I could not be more satisfied with the services I received and I would recommend his services.”– Melissa

“Divorce Case – David made me feel the most at ease amongst all of the lawyers I interviewed for my divorce. I’m glad I went with my gut and trusted him with my case. He went on to create a settlement I was happy with and having him on my team made the whole process very comfortable. Even when my wife was making outrageous demands and causing great stress he was able to negotiate with her lawyer and diffuse the situation.”– Dillon

“Professional and patient – I hired Mr. Bliven to help me divorce my wife. He offered me really good advice at our first consultation. He was very clear about the whole process. Always made sure I knew what was going on. Every step of this process was painful for me. David and his staff were very patient and pleasant to deal with. I am now divorced.”– Bryan

“Great Lawyer – I got served with divorce papers and Mr. Bliven made the whole process really easy, plain and simple…”– Jaime

“Licensed Sales Specialist – David was very knowledgeable and gave me precise direction in regards to my case. He and his support staff were very helpful and professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs help in family court proceedings.”– Michael

“Wonderful attorney and easy to work with – David was the attorney that I hired to represent me in my recent divorce. I found him to be very professional and well versed in divorce matters and very helpful in not only understanding my position and explaining my options throughout the entire process in my efforts for a fair settlement so we could come up with an uncontested settlement thus avoiding potential additional and expensive litigation expenses.
I would highly recommended the use of his services”– Glenn

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