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Can a judge make me get a full time job if I’m working part time now?

Q: Reason why I’m asking is because, the last time I was in court. The judge said that I have to get a full time job. I want a full time job. But the one i went for checked my background and they stated I have a open criminal court case in Bronx county. They said once it’s over we will take you.. Which is true. But that same case is for child visitation. Yes, it’s weird. I have 2 court dates. One for child support and 1 for child visitation. Child support in family court. Visitation in criminal court. Mind you, I have no criminal charges.

A: David’s Answer: Unless you prove to the Judge you’re making a “diligent effort” to find full-time work (which usually entails 20-30+ job efforts per week), then the Judge may impute income to you based on full-time earnings. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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