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Can a marriage certificate be revoke if husband owes child support

Q: My husband owes child support from his ex girlfriend and its around $48, 000. Since 2005 he stated that he does not want to work at all. I have four children’s with him and he have not supported me at all. He can’t drive a car or even teach martial arts. I though he was going to be a responsible man and work but he is waiting for me to finish college and he wants me to run a food business so that he could work. All the money that I receive at this moments is because of my mother. Yes, indeed my mother is the one paying bills and supporting me in cash and my husband does not even do nothing at all. I got married with him in 2009 and just this year I just found out that he owes tons of money to his others children’s. I would like to know if my marriage will go into jeopardy and the marriage license be revoke. Besides my husband is controllable and he does not inspire me any confidence at all and he is not good at all only to put me in misery life.

A: David’s Answer: It’s not so much that the “marriage certificate can be revoked;” rather, it’s that you should consider a divorce. That way, the divorce court can force him to get a job & support your children. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

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