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Why can’t a non blood relative receive child support if they have physical custody ?

Q: I thought all children in the state of New York are entitled to both parents and less they have been emancipated to receive child support I was denied because I was a non-blood relative of a child I have custody of.What are the child’s rights she is now 818 I received custody of her at the age of 17 the petition for child support was put in for this child at age 17 what did I do wrong. I cannot afford a lawyer I can’t even take the chance of paying for a lawyer and losing out my money I’m already losing because I’m taking care of the child

A: I can’t say why you were denied – did the clerk’s office prevent you from filing, or did the Magistrate deny to petition? If the latter, then you may wish to at least have a consult with an attorney to have him/her review the findings of fact from the dismissal order in an effort to plan out “best next steps.” Call a Westchester Child Support attorney to schedule a consult.

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