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Will I be able to get full custody?

Q: I was told by the father of my son that he did not want my son to be born while I was pregnant. I have been the only present parent in my child’s life, I have fed, clothed, cuddled, bought him every necessary thing during his three years of life. I have been the one taking him to hospitals, doctors, staying in emergency rooms with him and doing every single thing that needs to be done while he has never done anything for him and has never been available for him because as told by him he did not see our child in his life if I did not maintain a relationship with him. I told him multiple times that he was welcomed to see our child but he never took those opportunities. Now he wants to file for custody. He is a very aggressive man and I believe he acts bi-polar at times. He caused me two miscarriages in 2011 by punching my stomach because he did not want me to have those babies. I just would like to know if I can gain full custody of my son. By the way I have witnesses from the times that he used to punch my stomach. I am also the only parent on my son’s birth certificate, he has never claimed him in any way possible.

A: David’s Answer:
If he filed a petition for custody, you should file a counter-petition for custody. That said, it seems like you’ve stated a very strong case for getting sole custody. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.


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