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Why do I need to provide an income statement for seeking a termination of child support based on emancipation being effected.

| Jun 12, 2016 | Uncategorized

Q: Stemming from a divorce agreement my son has turned 21 reaching emancipation clearly defined in agreement. Filed modification petition in Westchester County family court in an effort to get the child support collection unit to furnish my employer with a termination of garnishment letter.

A: David’s Answer: In short, a financial disclosure affidavit is considered “mandatory” disclosure – meaning the general rule is you need to prepare it & bring it with you to court. It then remains within the discretion of the Magistrate to waive it’s actual submission. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Support attorney for more info. David Bliven, Westchester Child Support attorney (www.blivenlaw.net)

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