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What can I do about the calls, is this a form of harassment?

Q: My ex and I our going through a custody battle. He talks to the children daily. Their are times that I have to end the calls because his intentions are not good. He will speak about me to them in a negative manner, undermine my parenting, tell them I am bad and imply Or outright state that they are not safe with me. Even ask if i am hitting or beating them. He has even instructed them to be disrespectful towards me. I think he is recording their conversations for his benefit. I received a visit from CPS, stated they received an anonymous complaint about abuse. It went unfounded. The experience was hurtful and the kids did not like having to show there arms and legs for bruises or even understand what was happening.

A: Ultimately you may need to file a motion before the Custody Judge requesting an order directing that neither party will disparage the other in the presence of the children and/or discuss custody/access issues with the children. Neither one of you generally should be recording the children’s conversations without court permission. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody attorney for a full assessment.

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