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Will I qualify for Alimony in Divorce?

Q: I recently found out that my husband of eight years has been cheating on me. He owns and operate a six-figure construction company and is the main provider in the home. Throughout the marriage He constantly complained about financial problems stating that the business is not doing well and that we are broke. As a result, He does not give me any financial assistance and no health insurance. He keeps his income a secret so I do not know how much money he has. Yesterday I found out that he has a mistress and have been financial supporting her. He has given her over a thousand dollar in the last two weeks including $400 for clothing yesterday. I have evidence of all the money he sent her. We don’t have any children, I work a minimum wage job and amassed a small savings. I would like to pursue a divorce. will I be able to get alimony? 

A:You would appear to qualify for alimony – the ultimate question will be how much & for how long. The other question will be what assets or property there is to divide. You’re best advised to schedule a consult with a Bronx Alimony/Divorce Attorney for a full assessment. 

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