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Can I successfully sue the doctor in Small Claims Court? If not, what can I do??

Q: I am going through a divorce in the Bronx. My wife thinks I’m psychotic and refuses to let me see our kids without a babysitter. I have been discharged by this M.D. and he charged my general practitioner with prescribing medication, which I take. The judge asked me for a letter to this effect from the doctor. He doesn’t answer my calls nor my emails. It’s downright humiliating and expensive to have a babysitter accompany us wherever we go..movies, restaurants, family events…. Nobody ever accused me of being a threat to them, and I’m the proverbial “98 Lb Weakling”. Both of them, ages 12 and 13, are bigger and stronger than I am. I want to sue this guy; he has a professional obligation to provide me with documentation that can help me and he knows of my court battle. I want to sue him for the $1,000’s that I will be incurring for these coasts over the years. They will be at regular intervals, and pretty-much set time frames. All I want is a simple letter, and this will be alleviated.

I doubt you’d be successful suing him, but you’d need to consult a medical malpractice attorney on the question. As for your divorce case, however, you may be better served subpoenaing him to court. Call a Bronx Divorce attorney for more info.

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