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How should I prepare for a protection order hearing

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Q: I had a relationship that ended poorly, emotionally, but in no way violently. After maintaining some friendly contact after, she began sending strange responses such “if you come to my apt I will call the police” after NO indication either directly or by inference that I intended to do any such thing. In fact after the end of our relationship I haven’t seen her at all. MY mistake was sending less than seven texts and emails saying that I missed her and would like to talk. After threatening an order of restraint I apologized and never texted or emailed again. A few weeks later I was served with a protection order which included a mischaracterization of the events and included how her “cat always hid” when I was over. How do I prepare for the hearing. Do I prepare a statement?

A: David’s Answer: Is your case in Family Court or Criminal Court? It makes a big difference – and the procedural laws are different. Generally you should print-out the full chains of any texts or e-mails and give them to your lawyer to review. Thus, call a Westchester Domestic Violence attorney to schedule a consult. David Bliven, Westchester Domestic Violence Attorney (www.blivenlaw.net)

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