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Protecting Children Throughout The Divorce Process

Children are the most important consideration in any divorce proceeding and, in New York, a number of laws are in place to make sure their interests are protected. The courts recognize that it is important for children to have stability and be able to maintain their most important relationships. It must be shown that their financial and medical needs are met.

For parents, meeting stipulations can be difficult to balance with protecting one’s own legal goals and rights. The Law Offices of David Bliven can help. David has dedicated himself to family law for 20 years. With offices in White Plains and the Bronx, he works hard to make sure parents retain the rights to care for their children and that the child’s upbringing is provided for in a fair manner.

A Comprehensive Array Of Services To Support Your Child

Our firm offers knowledgeable and effective representation in a comprehensive range of considerations. We are skilled in devising child support and custody agreements, and making modifications to those agreements as the child continues to grow. We are adept in matters stemming from relocation — if a parent wants to move out of state, for example, or even just to a different borough. We also facilitate arrangements concerning nonparental care, including issues of grandparents’ rights, adoption and foster care. Additionally, we provide counsel in scenarios when a child has been neglected or abused.

Keep Control Of Your Parental Rights

To learn more about how our firm can safeguard your child’s future, reach out to us. You can fill out our online contact form, or call us at (914) 468-0968. We provide initial assessments and can schedule full consultations as needed.