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What can I do to help myself? If he already is making a statement regarding his doubting me, what the hell can I do?

Q: The gist of it is, my ex husband is violating the order of protection I have in place against him in order to make it look like in purposefully getting in the way of his court ordered visits with our son. The problem is, he continues to violate the order and his stance is that I’m fabricating the reports so that he gets arrested and misses his visits. He missed an entire month (January) because he claimed to “fear being arrested” due to a warrant. The judge is saying I shouldn’t have him arrested anymore, what the hell? He says it looks like I’m manipulating the system and it’s untrue.

A: David’s Answer: Well, there’s another way to handle the violations – file a violation petition/motion. If the Judge him/herself is suggesting that you back-off on having him arrested, then filing the violations puts it squarely in the Judge’s lap what to do to punish your ex. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Domestic Violence attorney for a full assessment.

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