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What age does a child have to be, to say he/she does not want to visit with other parent in ny. state

| Aug 8, 2016 | Uncategorized

Q: at what age can a child say he/she does not want to go on visitation with the non-custodial parent, In ny state

A: David’s Answer: There is no bright-line rule, but generally if a child is high-school age, the Judge pretty much goes along with whatever his/her preferences are. That said, one would need to assess many other factors, such as the nature of the agreement, existence of any alienation, age/development of the child, etc., to render a definitive opinion. Schedule a consult with a Putnum/Westchester Child Custody attorney for a full assessment. David Bliven, Westchester Child Custody attorney (www.blivenlaw.net)

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