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Top 5 Steps Your Can Take to Safeguarding Your Digital Life For A Divorce

Shield icon with lock symbol, representing data protection from hackers.In this article, you can discover:

  • Essential steps to protect your personal information and privacy.
  • The importance of securing your financial documents and other sensitive information.
  • Strategies for maintaining digital security, including two-factor and three-factor authentication.

Navigating the precarious journey of divorce requires safeguarding your personal financial documents & digital life. Here’s a list of the top things you can do:

  1. Start with a sweep through your social media privacy settings—it’s more crucial than you think. But don’t stop there; change your passwords on absolutely everything. We’re talking emails, text messages, iCloud, social media—leave no stone unturned. And if you’re still under the same roof as your soon-to-be ex, consider maintaining a digital distance. Use a separate computer if possible, and definitely update those passwords on all your gadgets, be it laptops, iPads, or even the family desktop.
  2. Another piece of advice that often slips under the radar? Ditch the face recognition feature on your devices. Why, you ask? Imagine your spouse, under the cover of night, using your sleeping face to unlock your secrets. It’s not just a scene from a spy movie; it’s a real threat, especially in those high-stakes divorces. And for those navigating particularly contentious or affluent separations, bringing in an IT expert might just be your best defense. They can clean up your digital footprint, ensuring your posts, photos, and videos are locked down tight, away from prying eyes.
  3. Now, if you’re sharing tech with your spouse, know this: it’s not illegal to snoop through shared devices for documents. So, protect your findings. Copy them, stash them in a secure folder, and slap a password on it. Personal security doesn’t stop at two-factor authentication, either. I go a step further with three-factor authentication for my most sensitive files. Even if someone manages to hack into my devices, they’re hitting a digital wall.
  4. Secure your financial paperwork. Scan everything and store it in the cloud, protected behind a password with two-factor authentication—this is non-negotiable. And don’t forget about your spouse’s documents; if they’re lying around, they’re fair game. Screen capture and scan those too.
  5. Worried about securing specific files or documents? It’s simpler than you think. A quick Google search can teach you how to password-protect an Adobe document in about ten seconds flat. Remember, in the digital arena of divorce, your offense is a good defense.

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