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What Can I Do If I Do Not Approve Of My Ex-spouse’s Partner During Visitation?

Basically, the approval of a new relationship is not usually yours to make. The courts will not generally police who a party’s new partner is. There may be provisions you can build into custody agreements where, for instance, either parent should not reside with someone else without at least letting the other parent know. If the new partner has a criminal background that can be proven, same may cause a parent to confront the other parent with that information. Before you contact the court, however, you really want to be sure that your objection is valid and provable. Sit down with an attorney to go over what your concerns are to see whether it is something to bring to a family court’s attention or not.

How Can I Prevent My Alcoholic Ex-Spouse From Gaining Custody Of Our Children?

If the other parent is an addict, you want to confirm that – preferably in writing. If they have any related convictions, get evidence of that. If you find drugs or alcohol, photograph them. If you are seeing pictures of substance abuse online, download and print them.

Are There Any Alternative Ways To Handle A Contested Custody Or Visitation Matter?

The alternative way to handle a contested custody case is mediation. Or, each of the parties can sit down with their own attorney and then get together at a four-way settlement conference to attempt to negotiate a parenting agreement.

My Child’s Grandparents Want to File an Order to Request Visitation? Is That Allowed In New York?

There is a specific statute that allows for grandparents’ visitation. The court, as a preliminary matter, has to consider what the parents’ objections are to the visits, and if there is relatively well documented animosity between the parties. If the grandparents do not have an established relationship with the grandchildren, the family courts may not even allow the issue to go to a hearing.

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