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Some Client Testimonials (as entered at Legalmatch.com):

Hector M.: “David’s expertise in the area of law in which I needed representation was far superior to what my previous lawyers had given me, considering the higher than average fees they wanted, David came in at a reasonable price, and again his knowledge of the law in my case was outstanding!! I would hire him again, and definitely recommend David to friends and family.”

Jose P.: “Awesome loved working with attorney David Bliven. Hope that I don’t need him anymore but if I need one he will be it.”

Juvy J.: “I am well satisfied with him in regards to all my questions. He very well answered everything I asked.”

Randel Y.: “Responded to my case in a professional manner.”

Jason W.: “I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer”

Mark B: “My first day in court my wife wanted spousal support and he find a way to stop it, David definitely knows what he’s doing.”

David M.: “David handled my ‘no-fault’ divorce case before ‘no-fault’ existed in the state of New York with ease, transparency, and efficiency. I vetted a lot of different lawyers and he was the best.”

Daniel C.: ” I will rehired [sic] him anytime when it come down to it!!!!!”

Peter S.: “Mr Bliven was very professional, knowledgeable and responded to all my question in a timely fashion. He made it Simple to understand all the legal language. A Glimmer of light throughout a Dark legal battle. I am very grateful for all his hard work. Will definitely recommend.”

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