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I live in nyc. I have an order for child support if my sons father wins his lawsuit is my son entitled to some of the money?

Q: Today we got an child support order put in place. My sons father has a pending lawsuit and if he wins a big sum of money is my son entitled to some? Or would I have to go back to court to get my support modified? A: Beyond the issue of compensation for lost wages, a large lump-sum may be considered as a factor in warranting a deviation from guidelines. Certainly if it's paid out as structured income, it would be counted. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

In the Child Support Modification case, if I cannot provide financial disclosure because joint taxes with my current wife?

Q: I have filed for downward modification of child support and my ex has filed for upward modification. If I cannot provide financial disclosure because I filed my taxes jointly with my current wife, what will be the outcome. Will the child support be calculated based on my past salary though I have lost my job? What if my salary is unpredictable. One year I can make a lot and another year I might not. Will the court take into account my highest salary. Is that fair? I already pay a huge amount in child support and day care expenses are killing me. Why should the daycare expenses be paid by non custodial parent?

Am I required to give my ex my w2 even after a child support agreement has been worked out?

Q: My ex has been complaining about the amount of child support he pays- I am willing to reduce it temporary and put it in writing- but he still wants my w2. We have a separation agreement that is filed with the court. Child support is noted in the agreement.

Will I have to reimburse the college expenses ex-wife spent for our son who will be 21 next month?

Q: The divorce decree states ' ORDERED the parties share equally in the cost of college education with their respective ability to pay such expenses at the time such expenses are incurred' My ex-wife wants me to reimburse her 50% of the expenses she spent towards my son's college without any consideration to my financial situation, her household income is twice than mine, with no other dependents. I have three other dependents.(unemployed wife and two school kids)
Few years back I agreed to my exwife's demand that I stop claiming our son as dependent on tax return since I am not paying for his tuition (the decree had allowed us to claim our son as dependent on alternate years)
Despite the fact that I agreed to give up claiming our son as dependent on my tax return (in lieu of not sharing the college tution) will the court still ask me to share the tution that she has already spent on our son?

Is there any way to get my license reinstated even though it was suspended due to child support arrears?

Q: My child support is payroll-deducted, so I have been paying it faithfully for 4 years. While I am still in arrears is it possible to get my license back? I'm doing really well at my job and I could really benefit by having my own transportation. There are a few positions that I have had to forego because of this dilemma. Is there any way to get my license reinstated?

How to lower child support payments if cant afford the full amount?

Q: My fiance was put on child support. He works at a temporary job. Since it is temporary it pays more than typical jobs in his field. The child support with daycare and medical plus arrears is about 1000 a month. We also have a baby together and I also have a child from an ex. The child support I receive is about 380 a month. My fiance cannot afford to pay the child support since some weeks he doesnt even get full time hours. What will happen when this temporary job ends and he gets a full time job that pays less. He currently makes 18/ hr and other jobs in his field are about 14/ hr. Can he get the child support payments lowered.? At his followup hearing last week he was told to bring my tax papers since we share a child but the judge didnt even consider our child in the calculations and based everything off of 35 hours a week even though he doesnt always get granted that many hours. What can he do? We understand that he needs to give his ex money but close to 1000 is a ridiculous amount. And she makes more money than him. Plus she only has 1 child. We have 2 other children living in our home and our rent is way more money than hers. Can this be fixed?

What I have to do to move my child support case from New Jersey to New York?

Q: I move to New York and would love to transfer my case due to I no longer resides in New Jersey and would like to enforcement support due to the non custodial parent is working and is currently not making his payments.

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