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Posts tagged "child support"

Can I request for a change in child support if my ex makes more money now and the custody has changed?

Q: I currently pay child support to my ex. It was based on my ex being the custodial parent (my ex had our child one more day than me). Now that my ex makes more money than me and custody has changed to shared custody (our child lives half the week with me and half the week with her)...can I file for a change in child support? Could my ex end up giving me support since he makes more money?

Should I get a lawyer?

Q: I am the custodial parent. Yesterday was our child support hearing. He made 80000 dollars last year in UBER and told me I wouldnt be getting more than 400 dollars a month maybe even less. He asked for a lawyer and the date was postponed. Should i get a lawyer?

Can I file for child support after 30 years?

Q: He was missing (the father). He disappeared and I tried to look for him. He knew we had our son but he skipped out and abandoned us. Plain and simply...I was in a grocery store, needed a price check, the manager came over and it was our son's father. First time I've seen him since he walked out on us. We were never married just living together.

If the dad has a personal catering business does he have to include that as income ?

Q: So i recently found out that my daughters dad who i am taking for child support has a private catering business which he did not provide as part of his income in court, can i tell the judge this ?

How do I get my license reinstated from 2,600 dollar child support arrears

Q: I had a child support in maryland tranferred to new york im 2,600 in arrears and my license was suspended august 10 how do I get my license reinstated I have been making on time payments weekly on 149.42 since june 2018

If two women are filing for child support by same man in NY state, who is entitled to the first percentage ?

Q: I live in Bronx NY, filed for child support. My daughters dad purposely didn't show up to court, and then strategically came up with an idea to have his current girlfriend who lives in Mount Vernon, NY to file for support for their twins so she would be granted support first, in return since their dating give him back the money and lessen the amount i would receive. Since i live in the Bronx, court dates are NOT given soon. However, in westchester NY the courts are less busier and you can get a sooner date. So i filed first and got a further date, she filed second but got a closer date and received her support a day before my 2nd court date. After finding out all of this in court i was granted a deviation and will be returning to court. Am i obligated to have my order granted first? And are there any suggestions on proving my case in court?

Can the State of New York enforce a Maryland child support order Currently open For downward deviation in Maryland ?

Q: My son was born in the state of Maryland, child support and custody proceedings were in maryland. The child's mother relocated to New York and attempted to change venue twice, it was denied both times and maryland retained jurisdiction. I now live in Florida and recently filled for a downward deviation in my child support obligation in Maryland who retained jurisdiction., In the middle of Maryland proceedings, the mother is maliciously filing pleadings in NY to register the case there, and a petition for punishment for child support payments . It doesn't seem fair for New York to allow proceedings in the middle of an open Maryland case with a trial date set to modify the order . I've called over 100 attorneys in NY and no one has an idea of it New York can do this ..

New York State Law - A Custody and Support Order is in place, and all obligations have been met over the years.

Q: My daughter is 18 and a custody order is in place, joint custody with final decision making to the mother. Support order is in place, father pays $2,150 to mother, health insurance for 18 year old daughter and other expenses. 

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