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Posts tagged "child support"

Do i need to pay my girlfriend's child support payments if she lives with me and we have 2 children?

Q: My girlfriend pays child support for her first child with another man. She currently does not work but I am helping her pay the child support payments. 1 - Can she lower the payments since she is not working and 2 - if she contacts NY Child support and tells them she does not work because she takes care of our children and i support her, will they (NY Child support) force me to make payments for her?

I was in a relationship with a married man since 2006 until present we have a ten year old little girl can I go get child support

Q: I met my child's father some year's back when he did have no housing, no job, no money, no nothing, however I started out just being his friend and trying to understand him as a man a person I then started allowing him to stay over then after a couple of weeks he asked me can he bring his things like a bag of clothes I said yes after a couple of months we started being in a relationship we been a hole relationship since 2006-2018 last job he had was in 2007. Ever since then he been in and out the relationship not helping me with our child I can't keep a job because of him one minute his there the next don't see him for day's.. can you please give me some information I need his support he doesn't want to go get no job because he told me that's why he has a wife and he owe child support for his first child not by me by another woman that his not married to

I receive child support but now I dont work?

Q: When child support was decided, I had a job. I now do not work but when child support was decided, it included my income. I am married (not to my sons dad) but I am a stay at home mom. Will that change the amount in child support? Also, my sons father has another child with someone else. Will that factor in? Should I modify or leave it alone?

Child support

Q: I have child support order for two kids and I have two kids that I don't have an order for but support. How do I show proof that I support the other child and ford the court take that into account

Will the child support I receive now will go lower because of another child?

Q: I receive child support from my sons father for a few years now. Recently he and his girlfriend have broken up. Together they have a child (baby number 2 for dad). If she takes him for child support, will that lower the support I am receiving from my sons father?

Does NCP have to pay Catholic school tution if he didn't agree to Catholic school?

Q: My fiance has a 4 year old with his ex. He is on child support but there is no visitation/custody order. They have a verbal agreement of every other weekend for visitation. He wants his child to go to a public school for prek but he just found out the mother enrolled her in Catholic school and now he is worried that the child support will increase. He was already paying a portion in the child support for her preschool. The ex lives 2 hours away by train. We are not familiar with the schools in their area but my finance wants the child to go to public school. He is upset that the mother made this decisions without his consent. But like I said there is no official court order. Does he still need to pay the school tuition or can he modify his child support to not include the school since he wasn't consulted on that decision.

Can the courts consider that there are two incomes in the household and not one?

Q: I live in nys and i am at the tail end of the childsupport proceedings. My sons father receives SSI of $1400 a month. They did a temporary order for $175 a month. He is married and his wife works. So can the court take that fact into consideration? He is not only dependent on one income there is two incomes in the household. A: The short answer is: most likely not. Generally only the parent's income is counted. Conceivably, one could contend that the person he's residing with helps defray expenses he'd otherwise incur, but same is a relatively hard argument to win. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Support attorney for a full assessment.

I have a son he is 19 was charge with murder was sentenced to 20 years in NY state prison Do I need to continue payment ?

Q: Have a 19 year old he is serving 20 years sentence do still have continue payments for child support thanks

How can I settle for a reduced lump sum payment amount a support order "reduced to judgment" that has ballooned to $120,000?

Q: Family Court has reduced back child support to judgment that has compounded to a ridiculous sum. I require an attorney to negotiate a lump sum payment to ex-, and forever end this situation. This has been going on for 19 years. Thank You.

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