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Can having children in the future lower child support amount?

Q: If you are married and are on child support from an ex for one child and your ex has primary custody, if you decide to have more children with your new wife, can you get a modification to lower the child support payments since you will have more kids to support and these kids will be with you full time?

How long does it take for a judge to sign off on divorce papers?

Q: I live in California, but I was married to this woman that lives in New York. We been sperated for over 5 years. I signed the first divorce papers, but since I didn't get them notarized they threw them out. Now I made sure everything is notarized and signed right I just want to know how long it will take for the judge to sign them? We don't want anything from each other, no money, we have no house together, no children together. Just a plan divorce.

How can i surrender a child that is under direct placement with me under acs supervision in nyc?

Q: My nephew is living with me under direct placement but circumstances have changed between me and my wife and unfortunately we are unable to care for him any longer. We have submitted our 10 day notice to acs and have informed them for over a month now about the situation with no cooperation from them and need to surrender the boy back to them and need to know how to do it asap.

If I move from the state my kids are in, but have petition for them, can I bring them to my house out of state ?

Q: Me and their mom aren't together so I'd like to know if she can intervene with my petition for my kids if I try and get them to go to my place when it's my turn to have them.

What are my best options to be able to see my son. I received temporary order of protection and a summons for custody/vis

Q: My son is currently 2 years old. Myself and his mother were co parenting without any issues. The petitioner found out that I was in a serious relationship with another women, and abruptly left with my son to an unknown location. With me being concerned I finally get a chance to speak to her on the phone and she simply says "I have nothing to say to you" and hung up. Few days later I receive a summons for custody/visation and temporary order of protection against me saying I threatened her and broke a tv,which is completely false. I understand that they might not see her selfish ways, so at this point I'm looking for the best way to approach this without causing more stress for everyone involved. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I want my ex to suffer

Q: My ex owes me money and he has abused me physically, emotional and mentally. He is on the run from the states and is in Canada. We met in Korea, at the time I didn't know. I want he to suffer as much as I am.

What happens if you do not include all of your jobs on child support court date?

Q: My boyfriend was unemployed for a few months so when he started working again he took on 3 jobs. He has 1 full time job and the other 2 are part time jobs that are temporary. His full time job is 36 hrs a week. The other 2 part time jobs is 20 hrs and 12 hrs per week. We live together and have a child together. His ex who he shares an older child with, served him child support papers cause she wants more money then what he was offering her. With all of his jobs he is working 68 hrs+ a week which is why at the present moment he is making a good amount. We don't think it's fair that they calculate child support based on his 2 part time jobs since those are just for now to build up a savings and then he will quit them. He wants to only put down his full time job of 36+ hrs a week and not include his part time jobs. Can he do this? If he only puts the info for his full time job, will they be able to see in court that he has other jobs?

Child support?

Q: My kids father & I have 2 kids together we have been back & forth to court for over a year. We already established threw paternity test the kids was his. Since then the judge has set a amount he must pay every 7's now up to $27,000 in total that he has owed to the kids & he has yet to pay. My question is when can I judge say enough is enough lock this guy up cause he refuse to pay! I mean I don't understand why keep letting him walk free... He has agreed to pay but is NOT DOING SO. HE SWITCHES JOBS SO THEY CANT TAKE MONEY AWAY FROM HIS PAY CHECK. ONCE HE FEELS LIKE THEY GONNA TAKE MONEY FROM HIM HE GOES TO THE NEXT JOB NOT TELLING HIS EMPLOYER HE HAS A CHILD SUPPORT ORDER IN PLACE. SO MY CHILDREN HAS YET TO BE COMPENSATED. I REALLY THINK THIS GUY IS JUST FREE AS A bird & ITS NOT FAIR CAN I REQUEST FOR HIM TO BE IN PRISON DUE TO FAILING TO MAKE PAYMENTS? SINCE MY KIDS AREN'T receiving ANY MONEY ITS NOT LIKE THERE GETTING ANYTHING CAUSE HE IS NOT PAYING..IF HE IS LOCKED THEY STILL WONT BE GETTING ANYTHING EITHER. SO I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO STOP HIM 

Can I legally do anything to keep my father away from me?

Q: My father used to beat me and my mom because of that I've been scared of him since I was a little girl.He doesn't live with us but he picks up my younger siblings and takes them to his house sometimes.And today he came to my house to see my younger sister and he told me I had to go to his house this week.I froze in fear and just said yes.But I'm 17,I don't want a relationship with my father I despise him for what he did to me and my mom.Is there anything I can legally do to finally feel safe and happy and make sure he doesn't try to force me to go with him ever? Being around him makes me scared and uncomfortable,I just want him to leave me alone so I can try to be happy and live my life. 

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