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Bronx Family Law Attorney Archives

What steps do I have to take to relocate with my daughter? What are my chances?

Q: Ok so I live in nyc and have been separated from my child's father for a few years now. We have a custody and visitation order on file. It's joint with almost equal visiting time ( me having 4 him having 3) He also has a child support order and hardly ever pays it. Like IRS took his refund and gave to me for the past two years cause he never pays it. I've never mentioned it and never withheld our daughter. But him not putting up his share makes it hard for me to provide. Recently I was offered a job in Georgia with a better salary. I've done my homework I've looked at schools the quality of life and housing down there and I can provide for her without needing the child support. I know this is going to go to court. What are my chances? How can I argue this? Should I just get a lawyer?

My son father is in child support im not working right now he has my son in his private work who has to pay for co payment

Q: Im having problems with my son father hes in child support he has my son in a private endurance but i cannot afford to pay for the co payment what can i do he tells me that i have to pay for it because he gives me child support.

My ex husband is filed for custody ever since he was told we were moving? Our son is now 15 does he have grounds ?

Q: Our divorce decree does not state i can not move out of state, we currently moved from ny to ct (54 miles from my previous residence) our son is going to be 16 next month. He was told we were moving and never raised any concerns to my son to convey to me(He does not respond to me). Now we moved and I get served for custody papers. My son does not want to live with him, he barely likes to stay with him and when he does go on his weekend he shares a pull out sofa with his step brother. i already put in a request to work from home and i volunteers to drive my son down to his fathers on his weekend so he will not go out of his way.. Do i need a lawyer ?

For divorce, I am currently representing my friend because he wants to get divorce from his ex wife.

Q: She rejects to give the divorce, and address. She has harrased my friend with deporting him to Dominican republic. Has stalked him alot of times. Sunday she showed up at the bar were he was at and took him out side he was about to be slapped in the face but he stoped her he has done nothing. Hes been away from her for 15 years and he does not want to be with her at all. How can he get divorce legal im willing to pay with my public assistance for me to have him get divorce fast.

My sister has custody of my kids ... can they live with me if she allows it? Can I get child support from there father ?

Q: I lost custody of my kids and my sister has custody of them .... if she has custody of them can the kids still live with me ? And can I still get child support from there father even if I don't have custody of my kids

Who is responsible for pick up and drop off in long distance situation?

Q: My son lived with me for 9 years in Jamaica, his father filed for him to come to the states and was living with him in PA for 3 years. I emigrated to the states and came to understand that my son was living in an abusive home and so I decided to take my son to live with me in NY. While he had my son I would visit or pick up and drop off any holidays or weekend I got him. Now that my son lives with me, wants each parent to either pick up or drop off. What would your advise be?

Can I file an order for my wife to get a psychiatric evaluation?

Q: I due in court tomorrow, i think my wife is going through a hormonal imbalance since the birth of our son can i file a psychiatric evaluation for my wife, and I want joint physical custody and she disagreed so the judge says when we go back now she will assign a lawyer to my three-year-old daughter and we have to pay I can afford it I don't have a lawyer for myself what can I do

Can child share room with grandparents while on vacation?

Q: My boyfriends and his ex have a 4 yr old daughter together. There is no court order and all visitation arrangements are done verbally. He agreed to have his ex go to Puerto Rico for the summer with the daughter. After they were there he then found out that his ex brought her boyfriend and didn't tell him. He then found out that his daughter was sharing a bedroom with the grandparents. Different mattress but in the same room while his ex and her boyfriend shared the 2nd room. My boyfriend thinks this is inappropriate. He wants the child to share a room with the mom and for the boyfriend to sleep in the living room. Is it okay for ex to go on vacation with her boyfriend and the child without telling the father? And is it okay for the child to share a bedroom with the grandparents if the father disagrees. My boyfriend doesnt want any man to share a room with the child, not even for vacation.

I am a 17 year old male and my ex is 22,can she make me pay child support even I have no job and still In high school ?

Q: I am a 17 year old male and my ex is 22,can she make me pay child support even I have no job and still In high school.Also she hasn't told me she is pregnant but has been posting on social media about it causing me to stress almost daily.

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