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Bronx Family Law Attorney Archives

Q: Can I take my son and refuse to return him to his mother?

A: If the child's currently in the de facto custody of the mother, then you would be wrong to retain custody. Your remedy is to file for custody as well as an "order to show cause" requesting an interim order preventing her from relocating the residence of the child. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment. 

Q: How can I be able to Co-Parent proper without my daughter father partner intervening or control everything ?

A: Perhaps you need a more specific order. Prior orders of custody or visitation are always modifiable upon establishment of a "change of circumstances." Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment. 

Q: How many orders to show cause can I file?

A: If you're looking to have a Judge re-consider his/her prior decision, your remedy is to file a "motion to renew or reargue." Generally, however, you must be prepared to allege new facts or issues you do not believe the Judge properly considered (i.e., these motions are not intended to merely re-state that which you already argued to the Judge). Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment. 

Q: Half sibling situation?

A: First, the answer is arguably yes, in that a petition for sibling visitation is possible. That said, the more important question is: in what way is the mother dictating to your husband who he can bring those children around? Even if the mother has sole custody - and unless their agreement/order says otherwise - she cannot dictate to your husband the structure of his visitation. Thus, you should call a Bronx Family Law attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

I need an order of protection to be amended or modified on my baby father

Q: I placed an order of protection on my baby father due to an argument we had and I'm 9 months pregnant I need him to be present for the birth which can happen in 3 weeks or less but my attorney won't budge because he's trying to take my baby father down after I already said I wasn't pursuing charges and he's going against my will to do everything and I really need help right away since time is running out . 

Can I still take the father to court for child support even if an agreement was made by him signed ?

Q:The father had me sign an agreement but it has scratch outs with no initials next to it and it was still notarized. It looks sloppy and I do not want to continue this agreement anymore & I need the judge to stop it so we can continue in court for child support.

Can I take my son and refuse to return him to his mother?

Q:My child's mother and I have never been married but we both signed the birth certificate. Just recently she told me she was moving to Indiana and refuses to let me see or talk to him. She never discussed the move with me and doesn't care how I feel about her taking the child. She Just called today to tell me she will be leaving in a day or two but will allow me to see my son once before they leave. Please note, I haven't spoken to or seen my son in weeks prior to this phone call. If I pick him up and decide I wanna keep him for more than a few days. Can i get in trouble? I'm also a convicted felon but wish to file for joint custody and visitation rights, can I keep him and file those papers while refusing to return him to his mother??? There are no prior custody agreements between us. 

My partner is married but the guy she married left to another country without concent . can she get a divorce ?

Q:My partner haven't seen her husband in 2 years and she had a kid with another guy and now she is pregnant by me ... and I would like to get married to her ... 

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