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Q: I was served a summons from my husband by mail regarding our divorce

Q: My husband served me this summons for a Divorce. He is currently incarcerated in the state of California in Tehachapi Kern county. Before he was incarcerated we were living together and decided to marry. All these years he has been there I have been in contact with him and traveled back and forth. I currently reside in New York with my mother due to my financial situation . Currently my husband is seeing someone else, another women which I have proof of and for the past 6 months has not contacted me. He wants the divorce and in the summons it states he will be looking for future determination the issue of support. I have not yet responded but will. I'm confused. I want him to pay me support in the future when he gets out or however it may work and I refuse to pay him. Can you advise me on this issue before I respond?

Q: Can I ask the judge to approve a passport for my 4 year old child ?

Q: I have physical custody/joint with dad. My court order states that for vacations or travel I only have to provide the father with address phone and the date I leave and date of return but he denies me the passport. What can I do? Is that a Violation of court order or do I have to file to the court?

Q: What to do if other parent doesn't want to allow me to travel with my son ?

Q: I'm a mother of 7 kids who only belong to my ex and he is refusing to get a passport and let me take my son on my two week family vacation which I take every year. This year all my kids wanted to meet their family in Dominican Republic. The father states that the child is to young to go to a third world country and that he won't allow him to go with me. My husband and his siblings last year he said it was OK and even signed the passport document. Now all of a sudden he refuses....please help!

Q: If a person parental rights is taken due to him not showing up in court is he still responsible to pay child support

Q: My children's father did not show up to court for the hearing therefore his parental rights was taken I am a single mom of 4 boys in which two boys belong to him I am struggling to take care of my children due to no financial help his children are my oldest they require alot I have them in sports and in September 2019 one of them will be attending Cardinal Hayes I will need help with tuition can I take him to court for child support?

Q: I found out 2 months ago I have a 8 year old son the mother and I did a dna test but the child is established by someone else ?

Q: She left when she was pregnant I didn't know I was a father till about two months ago she and I did a dna test the thing is the court had established her ex as the father without testing him mother has told the child the truth but the other guy won't let me see or talk to the kid and I want to know if I can fight to be in his life the other guy doesn't support him has him living in not a very good environment and uses drugs, I'm Concerned please help?

Q: Can I go for full physical custody if father doesn't help support my child ?

Q: Ok, my child is 8 and in December judge gave us joint custody and the child stays 3 days dad 4 days me. Child isn't happy with arrangement. Me and the father cannot really have a convo about the child without arguments. I'm a mother of 7, I support all my kids including him. Dad pays no child support or helps out other than being present. He also threatens to incarcerate me because he was a minor when I had a relationship with him so he can keep my child. I need help!

Q: Is it possible to have 'final say' removed or adjusted in a final Joint Custody order? If so, how difficult would you say?

Q: I have joint legal custody with physical custody. The other parent has 6 days of visitation/month but has final say on medical decisions. It is not working for our child for various reasons. Is this something worth trying to change or do you think it is a difficult case to even attempt?  I ask because my case would be in Bronx Family Court and they are not very organized and tend to take very long which ends up costing me a ton of $ in the long run.
Any advice? 

Q: My partner is married but the guy she married left to another country without concent . Can she get a divorce ?

A: She could get a divorce, but it'd be quite hard. She'd either need his written consent, or he'd need to be served with the divorce papers in the country he now resides in. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for more info. 

Q: Can I serve custody/ visitation court papers to my boyfriend's childs mother?

A: Anyone who is over 18 & not a party to the case can serve the court summons. That said, of course it's advisable to have a 3d party (such as a server or Sheriff) do it. For more info, schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney. 

Q: I've moved to another state due to a toxic environment and a DV situation. But have a custody agreement, am I in trouble?

A: If your custody agreement was done in New York & was incorporated into a court order, then the best advise to give is for you to immediately file a custody/relocation petition & get a Judge to approve the move (albeit after-the-fact). There is not petition you need to file regarding the Father's visitation - you should strive to follow the access schedule in the agreement. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for a full assessment. 

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