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Westchester Child Custody Attorney Archives

Can I apply for visitation for to see my step daughter

Q: My husband and his ex don't get along because he married me and she won't let him see the children. The 16 year old left and came to live with us. Can I file for visitation for the 7 yr old on my behalf as step mom.

What part of doctor bills am I responsible for if order states I am responsible for 100%. but the child has insurance in NY state

Q: Custodial parent is asking for doctor payments before submitting to child's insurance. It seems this dr. is a friend of their family. and they are claiming to they are making cash payments to is dr. But not submitting this through insurance. Support order states I am responsible for 100% medical. Is this before or after insurance. Order doesn't state.

Other ways to earn What petition do I file?

Q: My son's father and I have joint custody of my son. He has physical custody. However he will not allow my son to go on vacations with me. I lived in a different state for 5yrs and he never once brought our son to visit me. I moved back to the same state as my son so I can spend more time with him. I would like to have my son every summer.

Originally the child support was decided in NY court. Later mother moved to CT. Which court should I file the modification in?

Q: Originally the child support was decided in the Westchester Family Court NY. Later the physical and legal custody of the child was given to mother of the child who decided to move to CT state and thereafter leaves for India. Now to move for modification of child support, which will be the appropriate court? Whether westchester or court in CT? 

Can I file documents with the court (Family Court - Westchester, NY) in support of petition filed?

Q:  Looking to see if I can file documents (evidence) in support of a petition for visitation that was filed by a family member (who is also the Plaintiff). Like a memo of law in support of petition filed? Family member has no attorney, can't afford it and looking for a paralegal to help her at court hearing. She is pro se and elderly (80). Any suggestions would be great.

Can I move out of the the state if I have sole legal and physical custody of my child and the father has no visitation rights?

Q: I live in New York and have sole legal and physical custody. The father has no visitation rights and hasn't seen the child in years (hasn't had visitation rights in years). Do i need the courts permission to move? Do I need to notify the court? I don't even know where my childs father is located. 

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