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Posts tagged "child support"

May I request the courts keep my work information & salary details private at child support court?

Q: I'm looking to apply for child support but I don't want the father to know any of my information such as where I work, my salary, etc. I am told all this info is on a worksheet given to both parents. Is there a way to not have the "father" given this information?

What can I do or my next step will be to get the money entitled for my kids ?

Q: My kids father (2kids) is supposedly getting his lawsuit money this month(Oct). He was living here in NY but as of today (9-25-18) has left to Florida out the blues . He is on child support and owes money . Once he gets his lawsuit can I do something in order to get the money he owes and still has to pay even with him being in another state ? And how ?

What does the mother of my kids have to do to drop child support and forgive my arreas?

Q: We want to know the process of dropping for child support and forgiving my arrears. Do we have to go somewhere. Do we have to write a letter. She want to know to take me off. Please help me.

How can i have paternity dissolution done in nys when i have proof that i am not the father? My "daughter" is 12 yrs old.

Q: In june i had a dna test done for me and my daughter it came back that i am excluded as her father. Her mother denied ever having slept with another man but the results prove otherwise. I am paying child support but i want to stop the order for support as well as dissolving the paternity order. She had this affair while i was deployed in Iraq back in 2005.

Can I request for a change in child support if my ex makes more money now and the custody has changed?

Q: I currently pay child support to my ex. It was based on my ex being the custodial parent (my ex had our child one more day than me). Now that my ex makes more money than me and custody has changed to shared custody (our child lives half the week with me and half the week with her)...can I file for a change in child support? Could my ex end up giving me support since he makes more money?

Should I get a lawyer?

Q: I am the custodial parent. Yesterday was our child support hearing. He made 80000 dollars last year in UBER and told me I wouldnt be getting more than 400 dollars a month maybe even less. He asked for a lawyer and the date was postponed. Should i get a lawyer?

Can I file for child support after 30 years?

Q: He was missing (the father). He disappeared and I tried to look for him. He knew we had our son but he skipped out and abandoned us. Plain and simply...I was in a grocery store, needed a price check, the manager came over and it was our son's father. First time I've seen him since he walked out on us. We were never married just living together.

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