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Posts tagged "child support"

Q: Why am I required to continue to pay child support?

Q: My 20 year old daughter resides with her friend and not with her mother and works to help support herself. Why should I continue to pay support when the mother does not provide any of the money provided to her by the state of New York the support of the child? 

Q: My parents divorce papers say that my father is required to help with college expenses, but has refused to do so, what can i do?

Q: I'm 23 and going for my master degree now. My father has always been late on child support payments and they had to be garnished. Child support stopped when I was 21. I live in NY and he moved to Ohio with his new wife.

Q: Is there a limit to how much a person has to pay in child care?

Q: I pay around $2100 a month for child support and pay 82% of childcare. It comes out to $200 a week for a morning sitter and $35 a day for an after school program ($75 a day). She works before school for 3 hours and 2 hours after school but is home all day. I also pays 50% of all activities. I am left with around $250 a week to live on. This just does not seem fair. Can anything be done? 

Q: Who as the right to claim there child on taxes?

Q: My daughter father feels I should let him claim her on his taxes because he does for her ( he only buys clothes and shoes nothing else) everything else I do and I also buy clothes && shoes she lives with me she only visits him. I make sure she has a place to live food, I take her to all her check ups I'm helping with homework. He doesn't even know what school she goes too... 

Q: How do I get child support ?

Q: I have an 8 year old daughter and her father hasn't been helping me with his daughter like he is supposed to do on a regular basis. I don't ask him for money, I have taken care of my daughter for 8 years and it's difficult but I still know how to manage but it just isn't right for me to do it by myself.

Q: Child Support in NYC

Q: I want to put the father of my child on child support I'm just wondering what are the factors that go into making the decision. I have texts from him saying "he rather pay child support" because its less money apparently, but he doesn't put in much money to begin with I feel like that was just a way to scare me? Can I use those texts against him? He makes about $20/hr full time & now I'm really wondering if I would get anything from child support because he told me he wouldn't give me more than the child support if I take him. 

Q: How do I get child support ?

Q: I have a 8 year old daughter an her father haven't been helping me with his daughter like he supposed to do on a regular basic I don't ask him for money I take care of my daughter for 8 years an it's difficult but I still know how to manage but it just isn't right for me to do it by myself.

I live with my sons mother on and off for rhe past 3 years but the welfare system has me On child support.

Q: Before i was put on CS we lived together in the shelter, we live together on and iff i take him to daycare pay for all his stuff. I barely able to hold a job so i am in school as of now and i wanted to know if there was a way to cease this support order i have a court date for September 11 to discuss my arrears i owe, 

If I'm the non-custodial parent can my 20 year old son decide to live with me with no legal repercussions?

Q: My ex-girlfriend had custody of my son for the last 20 years and lived out of state. Now he wants to live with me in New York. I'm not fighting to stop child support I'm just more concerned if you can get a New York state ID and start working without any issues. I want to make sure I'm doing everything by the book. Is it better if he just doesn't work or get a license here in New York until he's 21? 

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