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Posts tagged "child custody"

Can someone who is placed on house arrest allowed to visit their children if they live somewhere else in the same town?

Q: The father of my children was arrested yesterday by the Feds and I was told he will be placed on house arrest at an individuals house that I have a conflict with. There is documentation that this person is not allowed around my child at school where they work and my oldest attends. Is this enough to have their father have visits at my home with his children?

Can a mother move to another state without a father consent

Q: I have joint custody with my ex wife we still legally married and she has physical custody but move to another state without my consent or court order. She also has 2 other kids with another person now my daughter is a little older and she keeps begging me to not take her back to her mother thats every time i have her plus all my family is all she has here her mother has no family where she move can i get my daughter to stay here urgent in anyway before school starts so i can put register in a school here

How can I defend myself I was tricked in text message to agree to my son's mom taking him across the country to live away ?

Q: My aunt passed away my son's mom agreed to for him to be at the funeral but she ended moving with him 2 days before some months before she talked to me about moving and tricked me to say yes but I didn't give permission the date she left. I put in a petition for custody but she's most likely going to use that agreement against me is there any way I can defend myself . I also have a police report we're she punched me and I never touched her . Also in her new residence she's applied to put me on child support and I'm my son's sole provider she also has degraded my character and sent profanity to me in text.

Can I receive Sole Custody because my son's father moved out of the country over a year ago?

Q: My son's father and I have joint custody established in NYC. I'm the primary residential parent and he was the visiting/non-custodial parent. He moved back to his country August of 2016 without notice and hasn't seen my son since. Although he still makes child support payments when he feels like it; his child support is in arrears and he stopped providing health coverage for my son once he left. He has made no real attempts to be in my sons life since he moved; other than two emails about him not paying child support and confirming that he left the country. It's been almost 2 years he hasn't seen my son. How likely will the judge be in granting me Sole custody?

What happens if a judge order FaceTime only contact & there's an order to stay away in family court for both sides?

Q: What happens if a judge order FaceTime only contact & there's an order to stay away in family court for both sides? Family court order in Bronx county court. Most recently my son lost custody after threatening to kill himself to his ex. He admits he was trying to get her attention, it's been four months & he is desperate for their family to be back. Now the judge says FaceTime only until the next court date, next week. However today he went to her graduation with their mother. She invited him to come. I feel she is using the system to her benefit to use the order only when she wants. The previous order was for the drop off to be at the police station and she told him not to worry it's ok, come over. Now he doesn't have custody of the kids anymore. Now she tells him don't worry you can still see them. Seems like they are both violating the order, right? - concerned grandma.

When can my child refuse visitation with non custodial Parent

Q: My Son is 12. He's been in therapy for a few years in regard to a bad relationship with his Father & Father's live in Paramour. As he's gotten older his relationship with both the Dad and GF has deteriorated. He no longer feels comfortable being in their company and has NO relationship with his Dad. MY Ex is always threatening me with Court (we've been there a handful) and faults me for his sour relationship with our Son. Therapist has said it's in the best interest of my Son not to be with his Dad based on bad experiences and that my Son can refuse to go. Attorney says, therapist doesn't know legalities. Not easy being a Mom sandwiched in between. I've sent/forced my Son every time he's was scheduled to see his Dad, even the weekends. the situation has gotten progressively worse. HELP!

Biological father wants visitation with teenager

Q: Bio father served me with visitation papers after not seeing his child since he was 3 years old. Child is 14 years old with a crazy athletic schedule. Child has always been told that if he ever wants to spend time or meet all he has to do is ask but child wants nothing to do with him not even speak to him. What do I do? Will court force him to be with this man on weekends even though he doesn't want to be around him?

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