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Q: I met two kids during my visits to West Africa, Nigeria Precisely both are so lovely and i would really love to adopt both of them and their parents has given me the consent to adopt them, but i just dont know how the process work here in the state, how to organize all the paper work together. 

I got a temporary custody signed by both parent from a lawyer in Jamaica WI can I file custody on grounds of abandonment

Q: I got a temporary custody signed by both parent from a lawyer in Jamaica WI granting me unspecified length of temporary custody. Mom now gained papers to stay in the USA and wants her to the child to get public assistance and tax benefits. The child is now 13 and wants to remain in my household. Do I have any legal rights to keep the child? Can I take the mom to court for custody? Basically the child was abandoned for the 5 years. No financial support was taken from the government nor have the family of the child give me any money to care for her these 5 years. Dad is in jail for murder and is facing life in prison in Jamaica WI. Mom got an arranged marriage to get papers and is not stable. The child is not blood related to me but I love and cared for this child from 8years old to now 13 years old 

How complicated would it be for my husband to adopt my 9 year old son?

Q: Been married almost 2 years. Together almost 6. Sons father has had very little to do with him. I filed for custody a year ago and was told to have bio father served. History of domestic violence. No address for him. Last I heard was a message almost a year ago from him saying he would sign over rights... how complicated and expensive will it be for my husband to adopt our son?

Do I need any attorney to do a step parent adoption in New York if I am on the birth certificate?

Q: My wife and I are a lesbian couple who had a child together with a donor who we know. We did not do the medical or legal aspect during conception, which later led to the donor taking us to court for paternity. Eventually he withdrew the case and signed the consent for me, the non biological mother, to adopt. The Paternity case caused us a lot of expense so I want to know if an attorney is needed to proceed with the adoption. We want to make sure he can not take us to court regarding our daughter again or interfere with my rights as her legal and custodial parent. Please advise. Thank you. 

What can I do if the child mother put my last name on the child without consent? I will do DNA and want no custody not nothing

Q: Is there anything I can do if she put my last name on that child without my consent? Also if she is under public assistance I have 32BJ why would I have to put him in my insurance if he has Medicaid? Is there a form of rejecting visitation rights and rejecting child custody. I will pay child support but want nothing to do with her nor the child

Does a termination of parental expire if adoption was rejected?

Q: My mother began an adoption process to adopt my nephew in 2016 the biological father signed a termination of parental rights. My moms attorney filed the paperwork and ended up getting very ill. The adoption was rejected because of missing paper work. I know we now have to resubmit all the paperwork like finger prints and home study but will we need to get the termination of parental right signed all over again? Or would it still be valid? Biological Father is no where to be found.

My husband wants to take responsibility for my 6 year old as in adopt can he do so?

Q: I have a six year old boy which my husband has been in his life since he was 3 months old the person he thinks is dad isn't bio father but the court made legal father with DNA he pay no child support and is also a very aggressive child spends time with grandparents and all I get is threats there is drug abuse from the legal father and I just want what's best for my son help there is no custody or visits in place and my husband loves this child like his own.

Hi my husband who is not the biological father of my daughter can he adopt her?

Q: My husband had been taking care of my daughter for 5 year her biological father is in the country illegally. He move out when I was almost ready to give birth. Can my husband adopt her.? Family court is unable to locate him to pay child support reason being he is undocumented.

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