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Posts tagged "Family Law"

If I get sole custody of my child am I allowed to move out of state with out the permission of the non custodial parent ?

Q: My ex & I have joint custody & I have physical custody of my child how can I be allowed to move out of state with my child

I need a domestic violence lawyer I have no income and need help with my son who has been alienated from me who I raised.

Q: My situation is very difficult. My ex abused me for 11 years. I decided to break the cycle and no ho back. He has tuned me son against me and has alienated me from him. He has not allowed him to call me or communication. The problem is my son will be 15 years old.

How can I collect child support arrears if the non-custodial parent lived in another country before the USA?

Q: My son father lived on a small island and over a year ago moved to the USA. Due to no reciprocal agreement between two country I did not proceed with the child support paperwork as my lawyer there advised me to proceed with this matter in New York. I then filed a petition for child support in New York of which a temporary order was given for him to pay child support and arrears up to the time I filed the petition in New York. But the judge did not mention arrears that I was seeking five years prior to me filing the petition when he was living on the small island.

Can child share room with grandparents while on vacation?

Q: My boyfriends and his ex have a 4 yr old daughter together. There is no court order and all visitation arrangements are done verbally. He agreed to have his ex go to Puerto Rico for the summer with the daughter. After they were there he then found out that his ex brought her boyfriend and didn't tell him. He then found out that his daughter was sharing a bedroom with the grandparents. Different mattress but in the same room while his ex and her boyfriend shared the 2nd room. My boyfriend thinks this is inappropriate. He wants the child to share a room with the mom and for the boyfriend to sleep in the living room. Is it okay for ex to go on vacation with her boyfriend and the child without telling the father? And is it okay for the child to share a bedroom with the grandparents if the father disagrees. My boyfriend doesnt want any man to share a room with the child, not even for vacation.

Court ordered house to be sold and profit split 50/50 when youngest graduates high school. ( next year)

Q: How long before graduation should we list home? I don't see me obligated to pay for home anymore after my youngest graduates according to the decree and order of divorce.. I don want to pay for another 6 months or more because my ex is dragging her feet on this. Or she has the right to buy me out, but I doubt that will happen.

I am a 17 year old male and my ex is 22,can she make me pay child support even I have no job and still In high school ?

Q: I am a 17 year old male and my ex is 22,can she make me pay child support even I have no job and still In high school.Also she hasn't told me she is pregnant but has been posting on social media about it causing me to stress almost daily.

Can I get custody of my younger siblings (16 and 15) also while finding an apartment and job through welfare?

Q: To begin, I'm a 20 year old college student who has been planning on transferring to a local college or taking the semester off. My younger siblings have recently moved back from Japan after the passing of our mother. The plan was to be with them (their English is very bad) and assist in school work, show them around and what not, rather than being 3 hrs away in school.
My father has recently kicked me out the house but due to me and my siblings close relationship they've come with me to my aunts house to stay a few nights. My siblings have a very strained relationship with him because during the 8 years in Japan we all witnessed him abuse and slander our extremely ill mother. 100 percent they rather live with me rather than him.
Is it possible for me to gain custody of them while applying for public assistance to get an apartment and job to get on our feet. I'm completely okay with taking any necessary breaks from school and working full time to support them.

My ex and I split up and we have a 2.5 year old son. Is there a way to see if he filed for custody or support? I live in Yonkers

Q: My ex and I split up about 6 months ago. We were together for 5 years. We left within the last 6 months. He has never financially supported me and/or my son. I have always been the breadwinner.
I don't want to share custody, but I know I might have to if it ends up that way. The question I have is, Is there anyway to find out if he filed for visitation?
Again he just gain employment and with his bills there is no way he would be able to pay child support and he knows that or at least I think he does. I just would like to be prepared. He does not have a stable living environment and he does have a criminal background, can I use any of that if down the line he files for join custody.
I live in Yonkers, NY westchester county. I told him that if he thinks of filing that I would take him for entire amount I am alloted to because its not right for him to have visitation and not pay and support for our son. Now he has not asked or tried to see our son, so I am not keeping him from seeing him. But I am also not initiating conversation for him to see him. I am leaving it up to him. Let me know.

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