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Posts tagged "Domestic Violence"

Q: What is the difference between a limited order of protection and an acd?

Q: Waiting for the Judge to give a date to return to family court in February instead of March. This is so the Judge can either modify the order of protection against my husband or accept the ACD. I'm not sure but so far everyone agreed for my husband to come back home. Now it's up to the Judge. We are scheduled for trial march 10, but I don't think it will go to trial. Not sure hard to say.

How to remove a restraining order against my children's mother?

Q: I have a tro against my children's mother but she has unsupervised visits every Saturday which is also the same day my children have counseling from 2 to 3 pm while visits with mom the same day are from 1 to 8 pm.The only available days for the counseling session is Saturday's how do I handle this.Does this mean that she has to come with us?I don't know what to do

How do I get an order of protection changed from a stay away to a refrain from (or dropped)? I put the order in place?

Q: My husband has issues with rage. I had an order of protection put in place as a stay away because I didn't know how we would react (nor did I fully understand that this could go on for months/years). I want to talk to him and try and move forward in life. I have 2 kids who are also on the order. I do not believe my kids are in danger any more. I no longer feel in danger. How do I get this changed/dropped if he can prove he is taking the right actions? I don't want to risk my kids being taken away.

Order of protection: stay away - is it ok to get info about my spouse from a mutual friend? the order is against him from me

Q: A stay away was put in place. We can only text and talk about the kids via phone. Is it OK for a friend to share info with me about the actions my husband is taking to seek help and get better?
A: The answer is yes - if the order of protection is in your favor, there's no reason why you can't communicate with your husband. The order would only bar him from communicating with you. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Domestic Violence attorney for a full assessment.

How do I go about getting an order of protection in a domestic violence situation?

Q: My mother new boyfriend of only 2-3 months locked me out my own house, would not let myself and my daughter in. I needed help form the proper authorities to get in as he tried to legally evict me while my mother let it happen. He does not pay rent been there over over 30 days, I understand he has "squatters rights". I contribute to the house bills as will. I do not feel safe living there with my daughter. My mom is on her BF side, she can take me to court if she wants that is fine. In the process would like to protect my self do to an recent incident that occurred between me and the boyfriend. I am a resident of 25 years in my home. Any advise given will be greatly appreciated.

How do I get back my apartment and possessions from an ex-partner who has placed an order of protection against me?

Q: I am the only lease holder to my apartment that I have cohabited with my ex-partner for a year after our breakup. In that time I have encouraged her to find a new place, stopping short serving her a notice of termination out of kindness and genuine fear for her homelessness. I have accepted numerous, highly controlling demands and concessions (no guests, no noise, etc) but never involved the authorities because she also deals with severe mental health issues and I fear that something bad might happen to her if I did have police to intervene. All this time, I have paid my share of the rent, and in the process I have loaned her several thousands of dollars and an expensive laptop.
In early September she began dating again and has since had her new boyfriend move into my home. Recently he prevented me from entering my home. When I called the police, she gave false statements on the report that I pulled a knife on her. While all charged were dropped she allegedly took out a temp family court OOP. I haven't been served yet but I'm afraid to go to my home. I fear she will live there without paying rent and disappearing with my possessions. How do I protection myself and gain entry back?

A: You may retrieve the paperwork from the courthouse. You may then either wait until the court date & make an application before the Judge for an order setting a day to retrieve your belongings, or you may file an order to show cause to advance the date if the retrieval is urgent. Call a Bronx Domestic Violence attorney for more info.

My sister went into family court and filed a false complaint against me and received a temporary order of protection. She lied?

Q: She claims that I threaten her on a date I was no where around her nor did I contact her via phone social media etc. can I file charges against her?

I was Recently served a restraining order from my sister Everything she stated was false can I fight this?

Q: My sister and I haven't spoke since November of 2017 when she slapped me in the face when I was pregnant I did make a police report but did not Follow up with charges. She is the primary caretaker of my father however they have not been getting along as she no longer allows him to use her facility to cook in so I bring him food when I can one day I brought him food she saw me threaten me at threatened to kick my critically ill father out in the street because she believes we call child protective services on her. I just got serve With the order of protection yesterday with a bunch of false statements when the truth is She threatened me and I just drove off with my fiance and let her rant to herself. Now I'm scared that she is using this to take my freedom away because she made these false accusations and at any moment she can lie and say that she saw me and I will go to Jail the only time I am in her neighborhood or was in her neighborhood was to meet my dad at the Courtyard of the building to bring him food and she told him she does not want me in her Area how do I fight this false accusation

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