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Posts tagged "Divorce"

How do I sell my home? Wife and boyfriend protected squatter. Divorce is needed kids are 27,26,19.

Q: I moved out 19 years ago. I supported all and over time I reduced the assistance as my children grew to adults and have full time jobs. I never had court mandated child support or alimony. Kids went to private catholic schools and were covered by my health coverage until adult hood. Boy 27. Girls 26, 19 as we speak.

What action can I take?

Q: I was never notified that my husband filled for divorce, he had his friend state that I was served with papers but I have proof that I was never served. He got the divorce but he has my name wrong because I never took his name when we got married but the divorce papers shows my last name Hyfenated his, I kept my name because of all the paperwork to change to his name. Thanks

What is the law to get an annulment in New York?

Q: Hi and thank you in advance. I've been marry for almost 3 years and I'm looking to get an annulment. I live in the Bronx New York. I need to know how difficult it's to get an annulment and how much does cost. Or should I just try to get an uncontested divorce? Thank you.

This question is about QDRO

Q: My wife and I were divorced in 2006. No QDRO was ever agreed to or filed. In 2011 she petition family court stating she had an approved QDRO from my pension Administraters. It was a lie. She had nothing but a downloaded faxed copy from the pension website. She asked the Support Magistrate to sign a copy of a QDRO. There were no attorney signatures, no judge signature and I never signed or agreed to giving her 100% of my pension benefits. The Magistrate signed the bogus QDRO which my wife presented to the pension Administraters.
Was this a legal or illegal process?

How do I get divorce if my spouse left the country?

Q: I was married to my spouse and we decided to get uncontested divorce.. but unfortunately my wife has left the country before she sign the papers and she won't be able to comeback to the U.S for 10 years because she overstated her visa.. what should i do?

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