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Posts tagged "Bronx Family Law"

Judge took my son away & gave him to his mother who left him 3 years ago to live with her new boyfriend

Q: My fiance got a notice for writ of habeous corpus we didn't know what that was so she went to court. When she got there she was arrested in the court room stating that she was keeping my son from his mother which was a lie. a lil background is I had joint custody with the mother of my son. She walked away and left him with me so she can go live with her new boyfriend for 3 years she disappeared and didn't see him, she never did anything for him, never looked for him, never provided for him, never did anything the court asked her to do. About 6 months ago she contacted me wanting to see him and would promise to come see him but would only see him once a months even though she lived 5 blocks away. She went to court stating I didn't let her see out son for a month and that i was moving to NC with him. The judge did not let the lawyer come to my defense and would shut us down and my son was taken away from me and given to his mother who abandoned him for 3 yrs. 

My ex husband is in jail for attempted rape he contested the divorce From jail.

Q: I got the letter with the court date where it is asking I'm to bring w2's and pay stubs. We have no assets together and no children together absolutely nothing. Marriage only lasted two years and he's in jail for attempted rape to another woman that's proof of infedelity. Can he be requesting alimony or perhaps that I sold my ring to pay some debt he lets me with. Can he actually win this case? I have a daughter and all the bills he left me with.

Can I file a Motion to Vacate an Order of Support if the father (custodial parent) moved from NY to LA?

Q: My son is 18 attending San Diego State Univ. I live in The Bronx, NY. His father, a lawyer, lived in Tarrytown (Westchester county) when he filed for child support in May 2018. I agreed to $130/wk on our last court date 11/26/18. At the time I believed he had already moved. Thru investigation he has relocated to Los Angeles and is also employed at a law firm there. He left NY mid October. New tenants are now at his old address as of 11/1/18. Can I file a motion based on Westchester County not having jusrisdiction over me since I live in Bronx County & the father is living in Los Angeles County, CA? He also filed a petition to have me help pay for college. Can I request that be dropped also? He said in court and in his recent filings that he still lives at the Tarrytown address. He's lying under oath! 

Can I enroll child in school without non-custodial parent even if he never decides? I don't want child to miss an opportunity.

Q: The custody agreement states that the father (non-custodial) and I (custodial) share legal custody. Regarding education, we're to discuss education. Should we not agree, "Mother will have final say". I have physical custody except during Father's parenting time; Thursday to Sunday. The order states that upon starting school, Father will pick Child up from school on Thursdays and drop Child off to school on Monday mornings. No say of district. The only say about school choice is should one parent favor a school that the other parent can't afford, parent requesting the school is responsible for paying for it. We live in different school districts and Father is not fond of public school.
I filled out an application for 3k, explained to Father the deadline was a week and a half away, and that we could split the 12 choices in half. I sent him a link to the lists of schools that included ratings for all schools that day. Father said he would get back to me with choices but doesn't get back to me until the day after deadline at 10am claiming he "forgot". I tell father to reveal his choices anyway as there may be a window of opportunity to which he replied "ok" but never does. 

Hello, I currently make $2,560 a month before taxes how much will I have to pay in child support each month?

Q: My Ex partner is taking me to child support and I wanted to know about how much will I be paying each month? I also have another child whom lives with me. Thank you!

If a person parental rights is taken due to him not showing up in court is he still responsible to pay child support?

Q: My children's father did not show up to court for the hearing therefore his parental rights was taken I am a single mom of 4 boys in which two boys belong to him I am struggling to take care of my children due to no financial help his children are my oldest they require a lot I have them in sports and in September 2019 one of them will be attending Cardinal Hayes I will need help with tuition can I take him to court for child support?

Do temporary orders expire? If so how would I know? Also, if it's expired I have to return my child after 30 days of staying w/me?

Q: I Was tricked into going to court when I was young by my mother who never served me any papers informing me I had to attend court or even that she put in a petition of custody for my son. My mother had my son for roughly a month while I was working then the proceeding started. I did not attend after the first one because I was unaware how that process works or what was going on . My child was 2 at the time, he is now 9 years old and I unaware if the order expired. I've had my son for 30 days and he stated he does not want to go back there. So my question is if the order is expired can I get in trouble for not returning my son to my mother or can he stay with me until I put in a petition?

Can my partner fight me for custody and win?

Q: I want to separate from my partner, we aren't marry but both of our names are on the birth certificate. I obviously want to take my baby. He said that he wouldn't let me do that but I'm honestly a better fit to raise the baby alone. What would happen? What are the steps? If i fight him in court what are the chances I'll win? 

Q: My partner is married but the guy she married left to another country without concent . Can she get a divorce ?

A: She could get a divorce, but it'd be quite hard. She'd either need his written consent, or he'd need to be served with the divorce papers in the country he now resides in. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Family Law attorney for more info. 

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