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Hi. I Have An 11 Month Old Daughter. I Would Like To Leave My Husband Because He’s Verbally Abusive. Can I Do That?

  • By: David Bliven, Esq.
  • Published: January 30, 2021

Q: I live in new york and i have been married for a year and a half. our daughter is 11 months old. i cant live with my husband any longer due to his anger problems towards me and her. he is very verbally abusive and he grabs my child way from me. am i allowed to take my daughter and leave to my parents house before he gets home, because i feel very unsafe for mine and her health and otherwise he will not let me leave.

A: If there are domestic violence issues, then you’re always free to leave. Let him know where you went, and then strongly consider filing for an order of protection and/or a divorce case. If he won’t “let you leave” then that speaks to the fact that you should – no one deserves to be to that type of controlling spouse. I highly recommend you schedule a consult with a Divorce Attorney in your area for a full assessment.

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