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Family Lawyer Bronx New York

Trusted And Loyal Family Law Representation In Bronx, NY

Family Lawyer Bronx New York

Family is important to many people. Unfortunately, situations arise where the law is brought into family concerns, which can often result in an array of complications and difficulties. It is important to know that without the proper legal protection, both you and your loved ones are vulnerable to problems like financial instability and ongoing controversy.

With the help of a qualified and experienced family law attorney, you can be sure that your affairs will be handled with precision and care. Family-related issues come with a variety of obstacles. From the division of assets to child protection, you deserve the necessary legal counsel to resolve your family matters with confidence and ease.

The Law Offices of David Bliven have been thoughtfully representing families for over 20 years. This experience has informed our firm’s comprehensive approach to family law, and directly benefits the clients that we represent. With our successful track history, we have aided countless families in finding productive legal resolutions to their problems. No matter what family law-related matter we are presented with, we have the tools necessary to find quick and effective solutions for all parties involved.

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What Does Family Law Encompass?

Family Lawyer Bronx New York

The area of family law practice focuses on a diverse range of issues surrounding family relationships such as child protection, marriage, and divorce. A family lawyer will play a major role in these matters by facilitating negotiations, drafting paperwork, representing family members in court, and arranging parenting plans.

There are many types of family law concerns to address, and the best way to approach your particular case is with the help of an adept legal professional. At The Law Offices of David Bliven, we are equipped to deal with family-law situations such as:

Divorce: Divorce is a complicated procedure, and to avoid a trial (which costs much more time and money) it is crucial to come up with a successful settlement plan. Hiring a divorce lawyer that has the ability to help divide marital property, propose child support/custody plans, and calculate spousal support is critical to an effective divorce proceeding.

Child Support/Custody: In the wake of their parent’s separation or divorce, a child’s safety and stability is the most important thing. From devising practical parenting plans to drafting custody agreements, a child support attorney and/or child custody lawyer will ensure the safety of your child every step of the way.

Separation: Separation from a partner can come with its own set of legal hurdles. Preserving your welfare and financial stability during this period of time is best done with the help of a lawyer for separation.

Alimony and Maintenance: Maintaining a quality standard of living following a separation or divorce is paramount. Obtaining the best possible support payments is best done by conveying your financial needs to the judge and other similar authorities.

Asset Division: The division of assets comes with the potential for controversy among opposing parties. Make sure that this process is done with equitable and just methods with the help of skilled legal counsel.

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Wondering How To Find The Right Family Lawyer For You?

Family Lawyer Bronx New York

Family law is among the most intimate legal practices in the field. In order to find a fitting family attorney for your needs, it is imperative that you have a professional that takes the time to understand your specific goals. Your legal security is the most important thing during family-related legal proceedings. Having a lawyer on your side to act as a layer of protection between you and opposing parties is invaluable to you and your loved ones’ well-being moving forward.

Achieving a long-term resolution to your family matters is a major goal of The Law Offices of David Bliven. Finding the most effective solutions to your family’s difficulties involves a meticulous understanding of the law, and Attorney David Bliven has the background necessary to do so with competence and proficiency.

What Makes The Law Offices Of David Bliven Among The Best Family Law Firms In Bronx, NY

Our firm stands ready to serve you and your family with our thoughtful legal approach.

As a client-centered firm in the Bronx, NY area, The Law Offices of David Bliven will stand with whatever family law case we are presented with. As a firm, our objective is to build productive relationships with our clients so that we can come to practical conclusions as a team.

If you are in need of an experienced family law attorney in Bronx, NY, it is never too early to get in touch with a legal expert. Please reach out to a member of our team today for an initial consultation.

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