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Can I present a usb as evidence in a child custody case to get fathers rights voided?

  • By: David Bliven
  • Published: July 9, 2024

Q: Hello, I was able to manage on getting a usb that my daughters father uploaded child pornography on from his phone and computer. Is there any way I can present this into family court during our child support case as evidence / proof that he’s an unfit father and get his rights voided? I’m afraid for my daughters safety and the referee who’s handling our case has put a temporary parenting order in place that his mother will supervise the visits which I find to be very bias but because she lives with him (as the reason the referee decided this) and his mother put in a visitation petition. I had made her aware of her sons addiction to child pornography and she has done nothing about it. Is it possible to save my daughter before things can likely get out of hand?

A: It is illegal to possess child pornography – period. As such, I’d recommend contacting the police regarding the matter, as I don’t believe the Court could even receive that into evidence (it would be unlawful for the Court to possess it as well). Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody Attorney for a full assessment.

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