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Can I do anything about my ex's employer not submitting child support payments?

Q: I have a court order stating I am suppose to receive $300 weekly. He gets paid bi weekly and I they started sending me payments biweekly. Which I am ok with. But now payments are not coming in as frequent. I never know when I'm getting my child support money. The last 2 checks I received because I called child support and filed a complaint but it's going on 3 weeks and I still have no child support payments. I have asked my sons father if he can talk to his HR dept but he says they take the money out of his check and me not getting the money is not his problem. What can I do?

Earned my Certification as "Certified Financial Litigator"

After a rigorous examination, in November, 2018 I earned my certification as a Certified Financial Litigator from the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators!  This certification ensures I received instruction & testing in areas such as understanding tax returns, understanding financial statements & business tax returns, determining income for support purposes, accounting for lawyers, investment types, business valuation and tax considerations.  It is particularly helpful in cases involving high net worth and high incomes, or complex investment or asset division.CFL-Email-Signature-Pic.jpg 

Why would my kids father file for modify custody and child support, when he has not paid child support or seen his kids in four?

Q: I have been taking care of my 12 and 14 years kids. There father who has abandoned them , first filed for visitation, because he claims that I won't let him see his kids, that is not true. Now, he is has not returned my kids after there visitation stay with him. He is accusing he of being abbive and on drugs as well as my kids saying they don't want to come home. He has filed a petition and I don;t have any contact with my kids, has temp custody.


Q: My ex husband and I have a visitation agreement in which he has our son every other weekend. I was granted sole legal and physical custody of our child in our divorce. My ex husband recently moved to new jersey into his girlfriends home and he does not wish to provide me an address as to where my son is going to be staying on the weekends that he has him. He also is not allowing that I speak or meet the girlfriend prior to my son staying there on the weekends. Can I stop him from taking our son on his weekends if he chooses not to provide me with an address? Or even allow me to know who is going to be around our child? What should I do?

If a couple isn't married and one of the parents may be an illegal immigrant does the other parent get custody?

Q: I currently have joint custody of my two sons. A family member told me that their mother may not be here in the U.S legally. If she gets deported would I get custody or will the kids go with her?

My son dad isn't complying with his visitation rights at all. So I have right to go back to court

Q: He would say he doesn't have time because he need to fix his drivers license this has been going on every other month and get upset when I have plans with my son. N say I'm going to take you back to court. I'm the one with the full custody

What happen when your husband cheated and get kids outside, being taken for child support , how that affect the marriage?

Q: My husband cheated and got 2 kids , he denied it but the woman is taken him for child support, we are married for 26 years with 3 children, 24 yr, 20yr and a 12 yr , what rights does the wife have , we are still married not planning to divorce. How do they calculate the child support money, and how the court deal with a home wrecker like this one? In the space of 2 yrs, I find her number in my husband phone and we argue, she put a restriction on me, because he want to get back at me this is when the child support comes in. If my husband did continued seeing her, everything would be ok, but I told her she wanted a 3rd child. She said to my husband she have a good job it's ok, she will support her kids, until I get out the picture

If I get sole custody of my child am I allowed to move out of state with out the permission of the non custodial parent ?

Q: My ex & I have joint custody & I have physical custody of my child how can I be allowed to move out of state with my child

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