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Westchester Child Support Attorney Archives

Can I request for a change in child support if my ex makes more money now and the custody has changed?

Q: I currently pay child support to my ex. It was based on my ex being the custodial parent (my ex had our child one more day than me). Now that my ex makes more money than me and custody has changed to shared custody (our child lives half the week with me and half the week with her)...can I file for a change in child support? Could my ex end up giving me support since he makes more money?

Can the State of New York enforce a Maryland child support order Currently open For downward deviation in Maryland ?

Q: My son was born in the state of Maryland, child support and custody proceedings were in maryland. The child's mother relocated to New York and attempted to change venue twice, it was denied both times and maryland retained jurisdiction. I now live in Florida and recently filled for a downward deviation in my child support obligation in Maryland who retained jurisdiction., In the middle of Maryland proceedings, the mother is maliciously filing pleadings in NY to register the case there, and a petition for punishment for child support payments . It doesn't seem fair for New York to allow proceedings in the middle of an open Maryland case with a trial date set to modify the order . I've called over 100 attorneys in NY and no one has an idea of it New York can do this ..

Can a child support judgement through the Social Service of the NYS still be in effect?

Q: A friend of mine received a noticed back in 2005 he owed 32,000 in child support through Social Services. He looked up his legal records for liens and judgements and it states 16,600.00 with a "TRA " as a code. All NYS tax commission judgements have been vacated, but Social Services comes up as TRA. His kids are in their 30's and 40's now. The last filed lien was in 1994 but the most recent letter was in 2005. What does all this mean?
A: Child Support judgments are generally good for 20 years. That said, they can generally keep renewing them until the youngest child is 21 - in which case they can keep collecting until the youngest child is 41. Your friend is well advised to collect copies of all judgments & orders form the courthouse, then bring them to an attorney for a review. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Support attorney.

Can I file for chilled support even if I work off the books and no proof of income?

Q: I'm currently filing for child support. My child is 7 years old and his father and I are going through a custody case. We were never married and the court is asking for pay stubs and taxes but I'm a student and haven't been legally working for the last 2 years.

What is the process to have NY child support arrears discharged when the statute of limitations to collect may have passed?

Q: Child support arrears owed to DSS for child born in 1986 (child is now deceased; he would have been 32 yrs old now); original support order payable to DSS issued around 1987; last payment made in approximately 1990; not sure of actual default date; NCP is & has been unable to work due to back, neck & shoulder injuries, is currently in receipt of Temporary Assistance (DSS) & is below the poverty & self support guidelines

When my oldest of 2 children turns 21 can i automatically reduce the payments to reflect one child ? Always have paid on time

Q: No garnishments, etc.
Would use the same income as in the original document, even though ex has a full time job now I always have paid direct to ex with check, no issues or child collection service ever used or needed

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