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Westchester Child Abuse Attorney Archives

Q: Can I publicize the children's attorney is bias/ prejudice against me?

A: I would not advise to say anything about the Children's Attorney online as that may backfire on you. If you have any issue with that attorney, discuss it with yours as to whether you may wish to file a motion to have them recused. Please call a Westchester Child Abuse defense attorney to schedule a consult for a full assessment. 

I want to get my name clear from ACS records. Cause it wasn't done the correct way?

Q: The situation is like this I was indicted on chargers of knowing my niece was using drug and also I didn't have the right amount of food in my house. Now I can go back to that date it was a day after Father's Day I just had giving a father day cookout out. For my dad. Who just survive cancer it's was in 2011 it was a fight with my nieces and there friends. My niece threaten to call acs on me and she did. I already had a work at this time she already knew what was going on. So with that being said. She sent us to this clinic for my niece to get a drug test and when we arrived at the place they didn't have my niece name down. So the worker was never talked to again. So then after that my niece got into another situation at school acs was called. And that's when I found out that I was indicted but I had cases before this and they helped us this lady didn't help do nothing but put the case as indicated now as you see I said I just had a father day cookout. Now why wouldn't I have food. The next day I had raw food that needed to be cooked. And at that time my nieces wasn't doing no drugs. So my issues is. This with all that that went on years later acs needed my help with.

Hi how can I get a lawyer to help me fight CPS for wrongful removing my children?

Q: They filed a false neglect case against me and remove my children without a judge approval never notified the kids lawyer and never gave me paperwork until 2 weeks later they didn't release any of my children 2 any of my resources that I had I need help bad

Can I get a restraining order for false allegations and harassing texts and emails?

Q: My ex-husband has falsely accused me of child abuse in which CPS did an investigation and said the accusation was unfounded. His accusation was the most despicable allegation another parent can accuse another parent of. He has in the past and continues to leave angry voice messages, emails and texts regarding issues concerning our children. I am tired of the being bullied and harassed by this man and want to know if there is anything I can do to prevent him from continuing this harassment?

Hi I need some serious help regarding a probono attorney for family court

Q: I currently have an active CPS case it or has already been in court the lawyer that I currently have is not useful whatsoever I'm having a really hard time with CPS right now they are alleging a lot of false information they have pulled my children out of school without my consent to question them,they have a abruptly came into my home to strip down my children and this was a male workers who did this they are claiming that I am not cooperating when in fact I am they are making my life a living hell because I was positive for THC while I was away in Jamaica they wanted me to attend a drug program which I did two intakes for I went today they told me that I can attend the program twice a week from 630 to 730 I advised my CPS worker that I was excepted she was not happy she told me I have to go five times a week which means I work my job accommodated me to attend those nights also the judge had put in an order protection to remove me from the home I had court last week and I am back in the home and now there's another order of protection stating that I stay away from drugs and alcohol while in the home or in the presence of the children! I feel like I'm in violation of my rights

Can I sue a hospital for calling CPS and falsely accusing me of child neglect and abuse?

Q: My son was not feeling good and was shivering had slight fever and I have him some Moltrin as if the hospital would be started shivering a little more so I decided to bring him to hospital he walked down my 45 stairs got in the car and I drive to hospital. When he got to emergency room doors my son collapsed and started having a Seizure he couldn't move so I screamed he needs a wheelchair hurry up my son is having a Seizure. Afterwards my son couldn't talk or move much. They ended up calling CPS. My son had no bruises, no damage to head, and nothing in his blood. He got transferred to a children's hospital where CPS met me there and 6 days later the hospital ran blood tests, urine tests, EEG tests and couldn't find anything. We were cleared to go home. They said he could've caught a Seizure from a high fever. It's there a way I can sure the first hospital for falsely accusing me. I am always with my kids and I am very offended that I am accused of this and I want to clear my name.

Will I be granted access to my children in family court?

Q: I was arrested for leaving them in a running car, I had the ac on so they would be ok. I was not gone for more than 15 minutes when I was called by officers to come outside. I went to court and I was given an order of protection. My children are my whole life, It has been torture living without them these two weeks. The order is for a year but the social worker from cps said he filed a petition for me and I should get served those papers in about 3- 4 weeks. I asked him for a copy but he said I would get it in court. Also when the incident occurred I signed a safety plan with him where I would always be supervised with the kids with either my relatives or my husband and he never gave me a copy to give to my public defender. I feel that he might have helped out my case more by providing me with this document. My children are 9, 2 and 2 months. My 2 year old cries for me everyday my family says. This is a travesty of justice. By punishing me,my children are being punished even more. I am a great mother and this one time mistake shouldn't cost me my whole family. I have been staying with my cousin until the petition comes through, This is traumatic on my whole family.

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