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Westchester Alimony Attorney Archives

Can I get a neurological evaluation, both cognitive and physical, to show limits in earning capacity?

Q: Getting Divorced. Previous to my marriage of 23 years I was in a car accident, TBI . Husband was fully aware of my situation before marriage. I have been a stay at home mom for 17 years. I believe at this point in time I am not capable of being self supporting. I has been come increasingly harder for me to remember things and understand. Balance is a issue too. There is the possibility that I the future I may need full time assistance. Any recommendations of where to get neurological testing done is greatly appreciated.

Can someone go to Jail for failure to pay alimony to an ex who got millions in the divorce and he lost his job?

Q: My boyfriend who is 73 lost his job at a big law firm over 3 years ago when he was living in NYC? His ex wife in the divorce got millions, house, life insurance policy paid for, trust fund, SS. When he lost his job he filed for modification and they had a trial which the result came recently even though he lost his job and makes less and moved from NYC to Florida he said he should have still paid her. If he did he would be more bankrupt then he is. He is NOT working at a firm and has been working with clients doing tax law but the business is not what is was. She is livi g quite well yet the judge ordered him to not only pay back alimony at 12,500 per month for 3 years he is saying no reduction. He only brings in 13k a month! Judges in NY are always for women no matter what. He was ordered to come to NY today to bring 200k in cash and of Course he wrote to the judge saying he will not be there and he doesn't have that kind of money. he has tried to make arrangements with his ex and her lawyer to pay what he can and they shot him down. There is a lot more to this but this is the short version. Can they come arrest him here in Florida?

My husband works part time by choice if we divorce would I have to give him spousal maintenance

Q: My husband works part time by choice the rest of the year gets unemployment would I be required to give him spousal support right now I'm keeping a roof over the heads of our entire family while he doesn't do anything

How many times can I petition for contempt to court for child support? He isn't consistent.

Q: He won't pay the rest of his arrears or monthly payments. He gave me half of his arrears 4,000 and said that should be enough for now. But he left me pregnant 2 half years ago and never paid till now. He needs to pay off the rest of his arrears and start paying monthly.

Alimony Loss of Home

Q: Home was recently sold at Sheriff's Sale. I could no longer afford it and my expenses (including substantial medical expenses due to a debilitating disease diagnosed ten years ago) have increased quite a bit. I don't have funds for a rental. Is this considered a change of circumstances for consideration for an increase in alimony? Divorced 25 years ago - there has been no change in alimony.
A: David's Answer: If you were divorced 25 years ago, then the question becomes how long the alimony was ordered for (in terms of duration)? if it terminated many years ago, then it would be extremely hard to justify a resumption of the alimony at this point. Moreover, one would need to know more about your finances & ability to become self-supporting. Schedule a consult with a Westchester Alimony attorney for a full assessment.

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