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Bronx Divorce Attorney Archives

I want to know if i am entitled to half of my husband settlement from a accident he had in 2012 ?

Q: He had a automobile accident and had back surgery and foot surgery due to this accident setlement is coming up soon and i found out he is planing on taking the money and leaving the country and not give me anything , so i want to know if i have any legal rights to at least half we been married almost 30 years

The divorce in Bronx, NY was signed the judge "Uncontested Judgment Granted ".The divorce is done ? Or after 30 days.

Q: The divorce in Bronx, NY was signed the judge "Uncontested Judgment Granted ".The divorce is done ? Or after 30 days. I don't have lawyer. Can I get a copy from court to don't go in New York? I moved in Florida. The court doesn't answer the phone. Always is busy.

Finalizing Divorce

Q: My husband filed for uncontested divorce and I signed the waiver which states "I appear in this action, however, I do not intend to respond to the summons or answer the complaint, and I waive the 20 or 30 day period provided by law to respond to the summons or answer the complaint. I waive the 40 day waiting period to place the matter on the calendar, and I hereby consent to this action being placed on the divorce immediately" My question now is when the divorce is finalized, do I have to sign the final decree? If so will I need to go in to court to sign or will he have to serve me those as well? Can I request to go to court and sign instead?

I searched up a court index number it says summons & verified complaint

Q: what does it mean summons & verified complaint in the system? Does it mean that the actual divorce papers were file or just a summons? I was told it was file by the attorney does it mean that its just a summons not the actual filing of the divorce papers

Can I successfully sue the doctor in Small Claims Court? If not, what can I do??

Q: I am going through a divorce in the Bronx. My wife thinks I'm psychotic and refuses to let me see our kids without a babysitter. I have been discharged by this M.D. and he charged my general practitioner with prescribing medication, which I take. The judge asked me for a letter to this effect from the doctor. He doesn't answer my calls nor my emails. It's downright humiliating and expensive to have a babysitter accompany us wherever we go..movies, restaurants, family events.... Nobody ever accused me of being a threat to them, and I'm the proverbial "98 Lb Weakling". Both of them, ages 12 and 13, are bigger and stronger than I am. I want to sue this guy; he has a professional obligation to provide me with documentation that can help me and he knows of my court battle. I want to sue him for the $1,000's that I will be incurring for these coasts over the years. They will be at regular intervals, and pretty-much set time frames. All I want is a simple letter, and this will be alleviated.

What can I do?

Q: We both agreed on divorce. He filed the petition for divorce, as the petitioner, about 1 month ago. I signed and filed a waiver of contest, so the divorce should be uncontested. As far as I understand, the only step left is to have the final divorce decree signed and taken to a judge. He is now refusing to do this, and it is my understanding that as the petitioner, he has to be the one to do it. He's holding this divorce over my head to keep me unhappy, and I just want it to be over. What can I do to finish this divorce?

Would I have to pay his father child support because I make more money? How much would a divorce cost (there are no assets)?

Q: I live in NY. I left my husband 11 years ago but never filed for divorce because of the cost. I also took our son with me, who is now 14. I have dragged my feet long enough and I want to file for divorce and just be free of him. I work two jobs and make more money than him. He only spends about one weekend day a week with our son and it's not consistently every week. Would I still be entitled to the full 17% of his gross pay for child support and would a judge award anything for the 11 years that he hasn't given us anything? Thank you.

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