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Bronx Child Support Attorney Archives

How do i go about this? What do i need? What can happen if everything isn't accounted for, as in evidence wise?

Q: My son didn't live with me for a year , but i was still recieving child support from his dad for him. I still used the money to support him or handed him money or sent it via pay pal. His dad and i discussed this and i told him to go to court to fill out the form to discontinue the payments. Until then i would just continue to give it to my son. He said he would "handle it". Now he has petitioned me for fact findings. 

Can I put my mother on child support if she emancipates me?

Q: My current situation involves my mother. I am 17 years old and recently we had an argument which led to her saying that she will emancipate me. However, this was very unexpected and I don't have a job. I really don't know what to do and I need help.

What happens if you got served by the person who took out child support on you?

Q: i heard that im being put on child support and they havent seen me to serve me because they dont know where i live so i picked it up up from the person he took out the child support 

Can my bank accounts be frozen to pay child support arrears even if arrears are being garnished from my paycheck.

Q: child support and arrears are being taken from my check every two weeks. I just got my bank accounts frozen by child support due to the arrears. very little on these accounts (I am broke) but my pay goes direct deposit to the checking account. Now that these accounts are frozen, I cant pay my bills. at this rate, I wont be able to pay rent or gas to get to work. Was my paycheck frozen on purpose? what can I do to remove this restriction on my funds short of paying back the full arrears? 

If I signed a birth certificate when the baby was born, however DNA proofed I'm not the father what can I do?

Q: The baby was born oct 27 and I believed she was mine, my family paid for a dna because they needed proof that the baby was mine. The DNA proofed I wasn't the father, how can I remove my name from the birth certificate because the mothers will try to take me to child support

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