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Bronx Child Custody Attorney Archives

How can i make sure my ex boyfriend doesnt come near my unborn baby?

Q: I'm only three months and he has done the most. you'd think finding out that i was pregnant would change somethings but it didnt. He exposed me threatened to kill me and my little sister if i even gave an abortion, i have a court case open with him, several police reports on him (DV), and he's been admitted to a hospital for trying to overdose on tylenol. i dont want him around my child if he can threaten my litlle sister and do all of these other things how can he not try something with my child? i do not trust him and he's good at being persuasive and getting people to believe hes right and im wrong kind of thing. ni want my baby to be safe please help me before my baby gets here.

Can my child's mother move to a different state if there is a joint custody agreement in place?

Q: My child's mother recently told me that she is moving to Florida with our son, we didn't discuss it she just dropped the bomb on me. What can I do to stop this from happening?

What can I do to get full custody of my child?

Q: I am a single mother of a two year and his father had a dv case in which acs removed him from the home and placed order of protection so he can not see my son without supervised visits. Even with his knowledge of all this he has never come to any courtdates. So they closed case and said he cant see my son til 21. Now he is angry i am listening to courts and constantly threathening me bout seeing my son. I have called cops on him but he has been ducking them somwhow for two years now. Now he has started calling ACS on me make false reports because "he going to get my son in system so he can get custody of him" . i just want this handled is there a way the courts can make him come in or they can give me sole custody since he not complying. Also his name not on birth certificate . thanks. 

Can ex's new fiance babysit child all day without supervision?

Q: My husband has a daughter with his ex who is 4 yrs old. The ex just got engaged. She knew the guy for a year and we believe he is now currently living with them. Sometimes the ex needs to work on the weekends. My husband found out that Saturday his ex new fiance watched their 4 yr old while she worked from the morning to afternoon. My husband is very upset because he said he doesnt want any man watching his daughter. But his ex defends it saying that he is going to be their daughters new step dad and it doesnt make sense to pay for a babysitter. My husband tells his ex he rather watch their daughter but they live almost 2 hrs away by train and my husband doesnt want to travel so early in the morning to pick her up and his ex doesnt want to travel so early in the morning to drop her off. My question is: can my husband prevent his ex new fiance from watching their daughter or does he need to learn to accept it?

Is she in contempt ? Can I claim child abandonment since it's been well over 4 years that I have had contact with him.

Q: My son is 19 years old. He has refused to see me and i have not seen or spoken to him in 4 years. I sent child support every month and have never missed a payment. Just last week I went to drop off child support check for October and his new Birth certificate to my ex just to find out they had moved by a neighbor. I did not know this. They both ignore my texts and phone calls ( All the time unless they need something from me). I usually mail the checks to her however, as of May I started sending it to her via Chase QP . I decided to drop off the payment this time since the Birth certificate is a legal document and I didn't want to send it via regular mail. I'm glad I did as I was told they moved out almost 4 months ago. I have called and text her to find out the new address and it's been over a week and I still have not heard from her or him. We have joint custody. At this point I am frustrated and feel disrespected. He works a full time job and parental alienation has always been an issue. I would like to petition for child abandonment to stop child support.
I am holding onto the money but I also don't want to be in contempt so I'm in a tough spot.

I had my neighbor served my baby father papers

Q: Today my son father dropped off our child and I tooked him away from and as soon as I did my neighbor served him court papers for custody. He tooled the papers and after he held it his father slap the papers out of his hand and told him to get in the car cause they was not served when we actually did served him, his father then proceeded to throw the papers at me while I was holding his grandson my neighbor picked back up the papers and put it on his car he then got out the car and threw it at me again repeatedly then drove away. Did he got served?

Can I bring voice recording as a documents in my child sole custody hearing ?

Q: I been with my baby's father for 4 years. We have a baby together and we were never married. He started to change since I got pregnant and started domestic violence physically, verbally, emotionally and even sexually. We are not together after march and he took me to the court for joint legal custody for the baby. I have recorded a part of DV while he was yelling and hitting me in front of the baby. We have a hearing next month. I don't want him to get custody since he is violent around kids. He had 2 more babies and he did same with those baby mom. 

Noncustodial wants to change a temporary visitation order

Q: Noncustodial wants to change a temporary visitation order that went to effect less than a month ago. He has two days every week and cannot enforce it due to work. I agree to accommodate him on another day but the problem is that hes constantly late do not do the homework and feed the child properly since the beginning of the order. Judge said he needs to do all this. Do I have the right to accommodate him to another date since he cannot enforce the agreed ones or if I deny it will get into trouble? Next court is in December.

If you fail to appear in court for custody of the child can u ask for another date?

Q: I am the father of the child and I have filed for custody. But I have served her the papers but couldn't make it back to Bronx, NY my home because of college so how can I get a new sooner date?

Can a father being Detained by ice can have right for visitation?

Q: I am the Biological mother of my child and have sole custody but the aunt/sister of the father file a power of attorney to have right to take my child and visit the father in a detention center/jail in jersey of immigration?

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