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Bronx Alimony Attorney Archives

Will I qualify for Alimony in Divorce?

Q: I recently found out that my husband of eight years has been cheating on me. He owns and operate a six-figure construction company and is the main provider in the home. Throughout the marriage He constantly complained about financial problems stating that the business is not doing well and that we are broke. As a result, He does not give me any financial assistance and no health insurance. He keeps his income a secret so I do not know how much money he has. Yesterday I found out that he has a mistress and have been financial supporting her. He has given her over a thousand dollar in the last two weeks including $400 for clothing yesterday. I have evidence of all the money he sent her. We don't have any children, I work a minimum wage job and amassed a small savings. I would like to pursue a divorce. will I be able to get alimony? 

Can I get alimony if we've been only married for 2 years?

Q: My husband and I are separated for over a month now. I had to leave quickly do to verbal abuse and the fact that is was his apartment. I am in the middle of getting my GED as well as my Associates. I'm left with a 1,300 dollar debt from my last semester that he was going to help me with.

How does spousal support work Bronx NY?

Q: I make almost three times what my husband makes and we have two children. I would be the custodial parent. I would have to pay him spousal support? What about kids tuition, medical and all the extras I pay. How could I be expected to pay him while he lives scott free with his mistreess blocks away from our home? He is currently giving me $300 every two weeks but recently stopped. We have been separated 3 months. What do I do?
A: David's Answer: Merely because he earns more than you doesn't mean you necessarily pay him spousal support. While there are calculators to figure out presumptive levels of maintenance (i.e., spousal support), there are numerous factors the court may use to deviate from the presumptive number. Schedule a consult with Bronx Alimony attorney for a full assessment.

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