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My son has autism and me and his father are separating, what will visitation be like?

Q: My husband and I are separating and I’m wondering what type of visitation he would get, my son is autistic and has a very hard time being in different surroundings and around different people. My husband knows nothing really about my son, not his routine, his therapies or therapists, doesn’t know what size clothes or shoes or diapers he wears he basically doesn’t know much about him at all, I don’t mind my husband visiting my son at our house for a few hours a few days a week is that even a possibility? Also can he force us out of our house? I also don’t feel safe with my son around his family as they deny his autism and have not seen him much since he has been born they are basically strangers to him, is it possible to keep my son from going to their house at least until he is verbal and can express his feelings?

A: If he contests the level of visitation, you’d need some corroboration of your concerns. Thus, it’s advisable to get a letter from his doctor and/or therapist addressing the issue & (if they’re willing to do so) opining on what level of access time they may recommend between Father & child (if it’s to be outside of your home). Schedule a consult with a Westchester Child Custody Attorney for a full assessment.

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