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In NY Family Court, can I serve my declaration and exhibits without using a process server? I am the respondent.

Q: I am pro se, as is my ex-wife who filed a child support petition. We have the fact-finding hearing scheduled for next week. I want to submit to the court a written declaration and exhibits.
Can I serve my ex-wife? ? Or do I need to use a third party? Do I need to have the certificate or affidavit of service notarized?

A: I’m unclear by what you mean by “declaration,” but if you mean “affidavit,” then that’s generally inadmissible – unless the Magistrate directed otherwise. That said, items to be served (such as exhibits) after a case has been filed do not necessarily need to be served in any fashion other than e-mail (especially if the other side consents – which should be confirmed). New pleadings are a different story. Schedule a consult with a White Plains Family Law attorney for a full assessment.

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