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Can me and my daughter move if my husband is able to get a job out of state?

Q: My husband is not the birth father to my daughter, so would I be able to move with her if my husband leaves? She has not spoken to her biological father since the beginning of the quarantine and has said that she does not wish to see him anymore. Her birth father is aware of her resentment to him, and does not bother her. My husband has an offer for a job out of state, so would we be able to move as a family ? Or would I have to take the biological father to court before moving away?

A: You’re best advised to file a Petition for Custody/Relocation. The danger is that if you move without express written consent of the Father or court permission that a Judge may later order you to return the child to NY. Schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody Attorney for a full assessment.

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