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Can I get sole custody of my children if the father doesn’t take part in anything in regards to the children?

Q: The father of my kids filed a visitation petition because of his anger towards me. He has temporary visitation and since it has been placed he has been late. He has lied about the whereabouts of the children during visitation. He lied and said I denied him visitation which that isn’t true. Can he loose his visitation rights? What can happen since he hasn’t been following the temporary visitation order? Should the temporary visitation order be taken seriously? I have been the one since birth that has been making the decision for my children but he doesn’t want me having any custody. He doesn’t go to any appointments, doesn’t participate in their education or any major decisions. Because of this alone can I get full physical and legal custody?

A: You would appear to be a good candidate for sole custody – you should proceed to file a Petition to that effect (if you haven’t already). You should also keep a paper-trail with the father & inform the court of your concerns regarding the visits. For a full assessment, you should schedule a consult with a Bronx Child Custody Attorney.

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