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Do I have to serve Judgement of Divorce to my ex-spouse

Q: Hello. Judge signed our uncontested divorce a couple of weeks ago ago and I am wondering do I have to serve anything officially to my ex-spouse at this point. We’ve e-filed all documents via NYSCEF, both have accounts in the system and full participation was recorded. We both have access to all the documents in the system. Thank you.

A: If both sides consented to the divorce, and both sides have access to the e-file system, then your ex-spouse was already “served” when the Judgment was uploaded into the system. Technically a “Notice of Entry” needs to be served, but as a practical matter this document is only necessary in default cases or where the other side didn’t consent to the divorce. For more, call a Westchester Uncontested Divorce attorney to schedule a consult.

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